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Plastic bottled infusion production technology and application

(I) plastic bottled infusion production technology and development trend

Design and manufacture of infusion plastic packaging bottles

1. Materials: polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, PP model, it will continue to maintain the most important position and production plant in processing machinery; B205 - Mitsui oil, Beijing Yanshan Chemical

pf001 j430 Mitsui, Japan. Tafmer- Mitsui, Japan. Sr612 Taiwan fortune

Sorbitol Nucleating agent

2. Bottle forming 2. Functional characteristics, methods and related technologies of metal tensile testing machine

injection and blowing method: PE and PP can be applied

injection, drawing and blowing method: four station equipment (Japan ASB company), two-step method

casting injection and blowing method: Zhang Kong, Jiagang hfb55

3. mouth structure and material

4. bottle type design and factors affecting bottle quality

bottle type, transmittance, strength, deformation, wall thickness uniformity, pinholes, bubbles, miscellaneous reporters learned about particles, cleaning Removal of static electricity

factors affecting the contents of infusion in plastic bottles 6 are the development of advanced packaging technology means such as intelligence

the impact of plastic packaging bottles on liquid medicine

the impact of chemical stability

permeability, water permeability, ultraviolet light transmission, foreign matter, liquid dispensing process, low-temperature dissolution of primary solution, high adsorption activated carbon

deoxygenation process, filtration process Potting technology

clean space: real-time uninterrupted monitoring, fixed-point DOP monitoring

bottle body electrostatic removal and cleaning process 100 level laminar flow hood

loading and control: automatic weighing control of precise drug injection equipment

mouth melting

development trend of plastic bottle large infusion (PP bottle)

(II) advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottle infusion


good chemical stability, stable and reliable product quality, few interference factors, and easy to control

high localization rate of raw materials, localization of processing equipment and low production cost

the fully enclosed liquid medicine does not contact with the rubber plug


it is still a fixed volume packaging, and it needs an air needle when injecting the liquid medicine, which has certain permeability and water permeability

(III). Introduction to non PVC flexible packaging infusion of composite membrane

a. composite membrane material: coextrusion membrane, three layers; Main manufacturers: Cryovac in the United States, sengward in Germany, solmed/solvay in the Netherlands, Wipak in Finland, etc

b. bag mouth: two types of jujube big mouth and double mouth small mouth

the structure and material of big mouth jujube are the same as that of PP bottle mouth. The mouth of the small mouth jujube is a thermosetting polycarbonate plastic processing butyl rubber plug, and the outer cover is a plastic protective

sheath. The connecting pipe is a copolymer as the inner layer, and the outer cover is a PP co extruded soft plastic pipe

c. advantages and disadvantages of soft bag infusion

advantages: in line with the requirements of the WTO international health organization, it can flow by itself and pressurize during infusion

it is convenient to add liquid medicine. Develop varieties of multi compartment bags

disadvantages: high cost. Product leak detection is difficult. When filling the liquid medicine, the operation shall be precise. Film material, nozzle and nozzle are the decisive factors of product quality. At present, there is no gas barrier film available

development trend: it is more suitable to develop PP bottled infusion in China at present

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