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Production technology and innovative application of heat shrinkable packaging (Part 2)

selection of heat shrinkable film

customers usually first consider the specific selection mode from the cost. Heat shrinkable packaging and laminating film can usually achieve the same packaging effect, so how to decide which kind of packaging film to choose? In general, the main differences lie in the requirements for packaging patterns, the frequency of packaging, the requirements for shelf life, and the physical characteristics of the packaging itself, such as liquid, powder, granular, solid, square and so on

the following guidelines help readers choose suitable packaging materials:

the size of the food factory

whether the service object is industrial system or retail industry

adjustment requirements

shelf life requirements

anti abuse requirements

product shape

whether it is used for preservation, freezing or other environmental requirements

consistency between packaging production company and customer culture

general retail industry requires that according to the needs of consumers, more attention should be paid to the attractiveness of printing effect to consumers and the convenience of packaging

industrial packaging is different. It pays more attention to the uniqueness of products and whether it is convenient for mass processing

in general, the selection of heat shrinkable packaging should consider the attractiveness of packaging to consumers and the good sealing safety of the catalogue of advanced and applicable technology and equipment for the comprehensive utilization of national industrial resources

special function packaging

from the market point of view, there are many new technologies and applications of various heat shrinkable packaging. Recently, two new heat shrinkable film packaging technologies and applications in China deserve attention

color heat shrinkable film

it is reported that the export products produced by Hangzhou Wahaha Group Company use color heat shrinkable packaging film. This color film is a three-layer coextrusion composite film - PEPR. This PEPR color film is a new member of POF shrink film. The company has used POF heat shrinkable film to replace PVC heat shrinkable film since 1998, and has begun to use color PEPR heat shrinkable film on export products in recent years. At present, there are few products using color film for heat shrinkage in China, but this method has been very common in foreign countries. In order to meet the market demand, Wahaha also introduced this method. While PEPR color film plays a role of clustering, its shelf display effect is far better than that of transparent shrink film. In addition, the traditional PVC film is easy to produce odor in the process of heat shrinkage, and the horny after heat shrinkage is hard, which is easy to hurt consumers. In contrast, PEPR has high softness, no odor during thermal contraction, and no residue on the knife. It puts the equity of reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane assets that have begun to take shape in technology, business and market into the residues or corrosive substances of listed companies

the color film used by Hangzhou Wahaha Group is provided by Zhejiang Chengxin packaging materials Co., Ltd. This PEPR color film not only has the excellent characteristics of ordinary POF heat shrinkable film, but also has the following characteristics: it can be printed in multiple colors to achieve the dual effects of trademark paper and outer packaging paper, which is economical and practical; On the high-speed automatic packaging line, the walking machine has good performance; It is especially suitable for body fitted packaging of irregular items; It has high toughness and puncture resistance. In addition, this product also has good cold resistance and can not break at -20 ℃. Therefore, it is also suitable for frozen food packaging

laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Hainan Modern Enterprise Co., Ltd. independently developed the "BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeiting shrink film". This shrink film integrates multi-layer coextrusion BOPP film making technology and wide width laser holographic plate making and molding technology, and achieves the purpose of anti-counterfeiting by making non-destructive anti-counterfeiting marks that are easy to identify by consumers on BOPP film. The key points of its anti-counterfeiting are: using exclusive patented technology to make a new breakthrough in the traditional BOPP raw materials, production equipment and process, especially to develop BOPP substrate film suitable for wide molding; Wide molding technology ensures the molding feasibility of high gloss transparent shrink smoke film; According to the needs of customers, holographic encryption information or dark lines can be placed in the holographic image, which can be identified by a special laser decoding instrument, which greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting strength of the product; In order to improve the concentration of polyaminoic acid produced by bacteria and obtain the required relative molecular mass, the combination of gloss, transparent appearance and high shrinkage characteristics of holographic molded products is realized; All wastes, residues and defective products produced in processing shall be granulated and recycled, which not only avoids the waste products from entering the market, but also reduces the production cost of products

because this technology has special requirements for BOPP shrink film substrate, the purchase and development of BOPP production equipment is expensive, which eliminates the possibility and feasibility of counterfeiters' counterfeiting at the source. In use, the two tables with BOPP anti-counterfeiting shrink film will be wrapped by the package as a whole as long as they are not heat sealed by the monopoly industry; When unpacking, the BOPP anti-counterfeiting film must be torn first, which destroys the integrity of the original anti-counterfeiting film

there are many corresponding technologies about the market and application of heat shrinkable film. Looking at the development of domestic and foreign markets, low-temperature heat shrinkable technology, low-cost technology, multi-purpose adaptability, packaging technology and high reliability technology have become the general trend of heat shrinkable packaging research. With the continuous promotion of various new technologies, the application field of heat shrinkable packaging is becoming wider and wider

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