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Production process and performance of salivation film, blowing film and directional film (III)

(1) pipe film BOPP production process

it is produced by the pipe film BOPP assembly line manufactured by Japan misu engineering company, The process flow is as follows: PP particle extruder extrudes the circular die → extrudes thick suddenly if it can combine the good conductivity of graphene to prepare high molecular conductive functional materials cold → lift the hot air in the pipe to heat to a high elastic state → blow up the film bubble → sectioning → coiling with two coiling shafts. Unwind on the heat setting equipment → heat the heating roller to the heat setting temperature → maintain the tension and temperature for a certain time → gradually cool → corona treatment → rewind

technical parameters of extruder StarTech has designed a full-automatic tensile testing machine system: screw diameter 65mm, l/d28, main motor power 22kw, stepless speed change, heating power 16kw, die lip diameter 70mm, heating ring 3.6kw, quench tap water after heat exchange in the refrigerator, water humidity is controlled at -10 ℃, thick film thickness error is less than 2%. Push down method

use PP raw materials produced by Japan miso chemical company, f5361 and xf2376 resins, and the barrel temperature is as follows:

f5361 220 ℃/230 ℃/240 ℃/240 ℃/240 ℃ (connector)/230 ℃ (die)

xf2376 220 ℃/210 ℃/220 ℃/220 ℃/220 ℃/220 ℃/220 ℃ (connection) 220 ℃ (die)

stretching box pipe heating temperature preheater 1 section 24kw, preheater 2 section 18kw, stretching section 12KW. The tube film stretching temperature is as follows (f5361):

screw speed

RPM preheating 1 #

℃ preheating 2 #

℃ stretching temperature

℃ feeding roller speed

m/min stretching roller speed

m/min 50



159 157

166 4

6 24

36 corona treatment device plate voltage is 3.4kv, plate current is 0.13a, grid current is 55mA, and the distance between electrode and roller is 0 mm。

there are four heating rollers of the heat setting device, and their temperatures are as follows:

raw material 1 3roller 2 4roller curing box f5361

xf2376 ℃

℃ ℃

℃ install the electrostatic eliminator on the film before winding

the properties of BOPP film by tube film method are as follows:

width mm

thickness μ M

haze <%

tensile strength> MPa

elongation at break%

heat shrinkage <9% at 100 ℃

Korean metering pump ensures that the melt is squeezed into the machine head very accurately under constant pressure. Sanrong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large group company specializing in the production of plastic thin films for various purposes. It uses the most advanced equipment in the world to produce BOPP films and other films of various specifications, It has an office in room 1416, Shangding building, Dalian, China. The specifications and properties of BOPP film of the company are listed in the table

table BOPP specification and performance produced by South Korea Sanrong Chemical Co., Ltd.

performance thickness μ M thickness error of test method,% ± 5din53370 tensile strength, md/td, n/mm2 > 130/230din53455 elongation, md/td,% < 180/> 30din53455 roughness

μ mA/K0.. 12DIN4763C/R0.. 12 dielectric strength, V/μ Mdin53481 dielectric loss factor, ppm120din53483 dielectric constant, ε R2.2din53483 volume resistivity, Ω· cm3.6 × 1017din53482 wet tension, dyne/cmastmd2578 heat shrink md/td,%4.5/1.0ksc2374 friction coefficient 0.7astmd1894 haze, %7.0ksa1510

(2) flat film BOPET film

the production process of flat film method is: PET particles → extruder → T-shaped die → extrusion thick film quenching → heating roll heating → longitudinal fast roll step-by-step stretching → tension frame is splayed transverse stretching → maintain the tension during stretching, raise the temperature for heat setting → cooling roll gradually cooling → corona treatment → slitting and winding

BOPET film can be used for various food packaging with heat resistance, freezing resistance and disinfection resistance; Fruits and vegetables are packed with PET film and stored at -17 ℃, with a fresh-keeping period of more than one year; Pet is also used for the preservation and packaging of electronic components; As the surface material of composite film, pet has good printability and cooking resistance. A PET film with a thickness of 0.0127mm is produced in the United States, and its yield tensile strength can reach 286.8mpa. It can be used in microwave ovens and electric ovens. It still has good gas, moisture and oil resistance even at 204.4 ℃

table performance of uncoated BOPET

item value item value thickness, mm

density, g/cm2

tensile strength, longitudinal/transverse, mpa

elongation at break, longitudinal/transverse,%

tensile modulus, mpa

turbidity,% 0.013






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