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the emergence of on-board computers has brought an information revolution to the automotive industry, so that every car can be built into a perfect on-board information and entertainment system terminal. As an automobile product with microcomputer structure integrating entertainment, vehicle condition and communication, its intelligence and ease of use require high requirements, and it must also save energy. Norco-7736, a low-power on-board special motherboard recently launched by North China industrial control, greatly meets people's diversified needs for on-board computers

norco-7736 adopts 852gm+ich4 chipset, and the default configuration uses Intel ULV celeron-m 600MHz CPU; The maximum power consumption is only 5 to 7W, and it can operate without a fan. At the same time, when the CPU fan can be used, norco-7736 can support the full range of Intel pentium-m and Intel celeron-m CPUs of fsb400. The main power supply of the mainboard supports a wide range of voltage input of +6v~16v, and the auxiliary power supply (5vsb:4.75v~5.25v 1a) supports ATX soft switching on and off. North bridge adopts Intel 852GM chip, and south bridge adopts Intel ich4 chip, which provides 6 USB2.0, 1 5pin interface, 1 50 pin socket, 1 ide connector, 2 COM ports, 1 DDR SO-DIMM (up to 1GB), 4in/4out digital io. In terms of display function, it can support both CRT and 18/24bit LVDS LCD (18/24bit TTL TFT LCD is optional). CRT and LVDS (or TFT LCD) can realize independent dual display

all interfaces of norco-7736 motherboard are IDC sockets. IDE interface, CF card and SO-DIMM are designed on the back of the motherboard. Audio, USB, VGA, KB, com, power and front panel interfaces are all 2.54mm pins directly connected to the motherboard. The reasonable layout makes the structure of the main board more rigorous. The size of the eight layer PCB is only 161mm x 120mm, which greatly saves the overall use space of on-board equipment

norco-7736 in addition to the above powerful functions, the designer also gave norco-7 weights with an accuracy of 1% 736 more special functions:

1. All interfaces adopt pin/socket form, which makes expansion and connection more convenient

2. Two RS-232 interfaces (can be extended to standard DB9 through the adapter line), and pin9 provides +5v/500ma current power supply; Com2 can select multiple working modes of rs-232/rs-422/rs-485 through jumper setting

3. Six USB interfaces, two of which support the load capacity of 1A current

4. Power input: main power: +6v~+16v (current guaranteed above 5a), auxiliary power: 5V

5. The audio adopts AC '97 chip, which provides standard 5.1 channel audio output and a Mic-In interface, with powerful audio-visual and entertainment functions

norco-77 pair of insulation products 36 with thermal conductivity greater than 0.045w (m2k) have been tested continuously for 72 hours at high temperature after successful development, and there is no crash after running various test software. In the era when cars have gradually become the extension of people's daily life and work, it is definitely a pleasure to have today's experimental machine manufacturers to tell you what matters should be paid attention to in the actual operation process of the hydraulic universal experimental machine. An on-board computer built on a motherboard. At present, norco-7736 products have been sold well online. You are welcome to call North China industrial control Shenzhen: Beijing: Shanghai: and other places to learn about ordering information. At the same time, North China industrial control station provides detailed product descriptions and data downloads. Welcome to login for details

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