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North China industrial control multimedia interactive terminal products exhibition was held in Shenzhen

although the global economic crisis has caused a great impact on the electronic information industry, the multimedia interactive market represented by digital signage advertising machines has bucked the trend and strengthened. On July 16, the "2009 North China industrial control multimedia interactive terminal products Tour" hosted by Shenzhen North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shenzhen. Senior technical experts from the global multimedia interactive terminal industry, such as North China industrial control, Intel, Haier and North China industrial control cooperative manufacturers, conducted in-depth exchanges and explorations on topics such as cutting-edge technology trends, industry prospects, and digital multimedia information playback modes. At the seminar, North China industrial control and Haier also released the latest multimedia interactive products

the so-called multimedia interaction 5. When pressing the power switch, the terminal product refers to a multimedia professional audio-visual system platform that publishes and queries business, finance, entertainment and other information through terminal display equipment in large shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, squares, airports, subways, bus stops, financial institutions and other public places where people gather. As a new concept, the application of multimedia interactive terminal products is not only limited to the advertising industry, but has increasingly penetrated into various industries. It is not exaggerated to describe it as ubiquitous. ISuppli, a market research firm, predicts that the digital signage and professional display market will continue to grow. By 2010, the size of this copper plastic composite plate mechanical testing machine market will increase from US $10.9 billion in 2005 to US $13billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.6%. This shows that the domestic market contains huge business opportunities

at present, the core functions of domestic digital signage products are still focused on the distribution and management of media content, and do not involve high-end functions such as effect monitoring, collection, automatic intelligent scheduling, etc. Insiders pointed out that this situation shows that the application and market introduction of domestic digital signage system is still in its infancy. However, when multimedia interactive terminal products are injected, this situation has gradually changed. Multimedia interactive terminal products enter the application fast lane. Gradually meet the application of digital signs for complex on-site information work

Liuhui, deputy general manager of industrial control in North China, pointed out: "from the fact that more and more advertisers and well-known brands need to deliver their messages directly to consumers at the point of sale at the right time and place in a powerful and measurable way, multimedia interactive terminal products will set sail against the trend in the cold winter of the economy." He said that there are unlimited business opportunities in the digital signage market, but technological innovation is the fundamental to promote the development of this industry. Manufacturers must have independent innovation and seek differentiated technical strength to make great progress in this market

he shared the research of North China industrial control in the field of digital signage advertising machines. He believed that digital signage advertising machines will show five development trends in the future:

first, from fans to no fans

second, from single display to double display and multi display

third, the volume is gradually reduced, and it is transformed from a split to an integrated body

IV. The application scenario has changed from static to mobile, from indoor to outdoor

v. equipment application becomes more intelligent

he especially pointed out that the intelligent trend is that devices will identify the promoted objects, such as automatically promoting cosmetics and shopping advertisements for women, and promoting male favorite products such as cars for men. In addition, these outdoor advertising devices can automatically count the promotion effect and automatically carry out targeted promotion at different periods of time, so as to make advertising more effective. The product manager of North China industrial control introduced the current multimedia interactive products of North China industrial control, such as what are the methods of bis extended fatigue tester supporting 1080p HD playback, 6550hd, ultra-low power embedded system bis-6540hd, LED large screen controller series, Mini PC bis-6620, which can be called "handheld computer" With multi screen display, it mainly tests two parameters: total mass loss (TML) and volatile material condensation (CVCM), and many other innovative products such as bis-6320. Among them, bis-6550hd is based on Intel Atom architecture, with ultra-low power consumption and compact shape. In the comparative tests of many similar products, it has excellent performance. It is praised as an industry standard product by the industry, and has good performance in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other international markets. The product manager of North China industrial control specially pointed out that at present, the PC system based on Intel Atom is difficult to support HD playback, but by equipping the processor with a special HD video processing chip, North China industrial control not only enables the bis-6550hd to play H.264, Vc1, Blu ray and other full HD, but also reduces the system power consumption. The overall system power consumption is only 15W, ensuring that the machine can realize fan free design and improving the reliability and aesthetics of the equipment

it is understood that the series of multimedia digital signage terminal products of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. won the favor of many customers in the Shanghai signage exhibition in June 2009. In addition, at the Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition, some experts said that at present, the application of digital signage products in the European and American markets is relatively mature, with more intelligent system cases. However, the start of the domestic market can only be calculated from around 2007, and the domestic digital signage industry is still in the import stage and primary application stage. However, major enterprises in the industry are optimistic about the development prospects of the domestic market, and believe that the domestic market will be the third largest independent market of the digital Notice industry after the U.S. and European markets

at this exhibition tour, sun Yifang, product R & D Manager of Haier company, introduced the model card TV jointly developed by Haier and North China industrial control. The model card open streaming media TV (Mo card TV) is known as a new generation of open streaming media TV pioneered by Haier in the world. It uses an innovative bus expansion model card (Mo card) interface, which facilitates the access of various expansion function model cards (digital integration, high-definition recording, learning and entertainment...), Realize the on-demand upgrade of users' updated audio-visual entertainment needs

sun Yifang said that the PCTV model card TV jointly developed by Haier and North China industrial control provides the TV with the function of interconnection through a built-in card. Consumers can easily use the card to browse the Internet, download their favorite HD TV or other programs for viewing. It can be downloaded when users enjoy TV programs, and turn this PC TV into a real PC through the wireless keyboard and mouse provided by Haier, Conduct Internet browsing interaction, etc. Sun Yifang said that users can easily buy module cards in Haier TV stores, and then easily embed them into LCD TVs. As long as you simply turn on the phone, you can turn a TV into a PCTV. He revealed that Haier is currently conducting module card related tests, which can be put on the market in the near future

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