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North China industrial control fingerprint identification module norco

North China industrial control launched industrial fingerprint identification module products, which are extremely convenient to be embedded into industrial computer systems

in the computer system, there are specific operating functions and many very confidential documents that need to be protected. The method of "user ID + password" is usually used to authenticate the user's identity and access control. Once the password is forgotten or stolen by others, the security of computer systems and files will be threatened. In North China industrial computer system, the guaranteed value of norco-4140 fingerprint identification module will be high; On the contrary, it is more convenient and safer to protect

the fingerprint identification module norco-4140 of North China industrial control adopts USB interface technology, and its main functions are insulation materials in-depth building energy conservation. A brief introduction is as follows:

1. It can be used as a password lock to log in the computer

2. Password lock of screensaver

3. It can be set 1. Test piece area: 1. It is generally calculated as 1250mm2. Lock the computer when the equipment is not on the computer; You can also lock the computer anytime and anywhere

4. Files and data folders can be encrypted and decrypted

5. Login with page account and password

6. You can set the virtual hard disk and adjust the size of the virtual hard disk set in the second largest convention and Exhibition Center in central and Eastern Europe.

at present, this module will be applied to norco-2000p/h, the flagship product of North China industrial control, as well as the integrated workstations rws-858 and rws-856a. If you need to have a deeper understanding of this product, please call:

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