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North China industrial control technology helps the remote monitoring system of wind power generation

due to the severe global greenhouse effect and unsatisfactory air quality, all countries actively promote green energy to dilute or replace their dependence on traditional firepower, coal and other heavily polluting energy. Among them, wind power generation, with its advantages of zero pollution and highly mature technology, has become a leader in green energy and has been widely developed and applied. Our country also actively attaches importance to and develops clean energy of wind power. Nowadays, in regions with abundant wind resources in China, wind power generation has been highly developed and has become the mainstream power generation mode in some regions

as we all know, wind farms are mostly located in remote areas with few people. Therefore, in addition to the three main components of the basic tower, blade and generator, each wind turbine needs to be equipped with a remote terminal control system (RTU), which can be used as the control interface (HMI) of the on-site wind turbine on the one hand, and the collected monitoring data can also be sent to the central control room on the other hand, Then the wind farm manager can monitor all the equipment remotely

because the wind turbine is in an outdoor environment, high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, dust, wind paper deadline: June 25th, 2016, impact and other adverse conditions will have a great impact on the wind power remote monitoring system. Therefore, for the remote monitoring of wind power generation, the remote terminal control system (RTU) needs to choose the embedded industrial computer hardware product scheme that can adapt to the above harsh environment. At present, domestic and international wind power enterprises also choose industrial computers to escort the stable and reliable operation of wind power remote monitoring system

for the remote monitoring of wind power generation, collect the data information of various states and work aspects of wind power generation with the help of various sensors on the wind turbine generator site, and then carry the operating parts of the high-speed ether corrosion friction and wear tester and transmit them to the on-site remote terminal control system (RTU), which can control the on-site wind turbine generator. At the same time, Each RTU of the wind farm can transmit its own data information to the central monitoring room through the Internet or mobile network to achieve centralized control

North China industrial control, a leading domestic industrial computer brand with more than 20 years of industry experience and successful cases, is an industrial computer R & D and manufacturer. A fan free embedded industrial computer bis based on Intel Braswell processor should not be used. The -6675 A10 can meet the technical requirements of wind power remote monitoring system

1. Adopt all aluminum alloy chassis, with high strength, compact structure and easy installation

2 Intel Braswell n3060/n3160 processor is adopted, with low power consumption and high performance; Ddr3l memory is adopted, and the maximum support is 8GB. The processing speed is extremely fast, which can meet the response requirements of the monitoring system

3 The fan free ice fin heat dissipation system is adopted, which has small heat production, more stability, good sealing performance, excellent waterproof and dustproof performance

4 There are many interfaces and good scalability. Including: 1x SATA, 2x USB3.0, 6x USB2.0 pin, 2x LAN, expandable 6x com, which can meet the remote monitoring system of wind power generation to connect various monitoring and acquisition equipment, and also reserve interfaces for the expansion of continuous functions with high external dependence of core key materials in the latter aspect

5 Provide local area network (LAN) with high-speed Ethernet transmission, which is responsible for connecting all hardware devices on site in series, so that the wind turbine can become a connected device that can be monitored

6 A wide working temperature range can operate normally in extreme environments such as low temperature and high temperature, and adapt to the on-site environmental conditions of wind power monitoring

China has a vast territory, and the areas with abundant wind energy resources are very large, so the value of wind power development is very high. Under the trend of green energy, the development of wind power is also showing a steady growth trend. Since such a form is also based on a sense of environmental protection, North China industrial control is also actively promoting various industrial tablets to provide embedded industrial computer hardware solutions for the high-level development of intelligence and informatization of wind power

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