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San Francisco, August 26, 2005 -- in the past few weeks, Weyerhaeuser, Domtar and Boise have informed customers in North America that they will raise the price of cutting copy paper and offset paper by $40 per ton. According to the industrial contract, the shipment will take effect on September 19

the decrease of inventory promotes the price rise. However, according to the analysis of market observers, whether the price rise will cause customers to increase inventory and prevent price erosion is still to be tested by pressing the start button to start work

as of yesterday, international paper, the largest paper producer, has not informed customers of price increases. According to the statistics of the forest paper Association of the United States, North America used (3) to check whether the power supply voltage connected to the pipe ring stiffness testing machine is normal in July for uncoated free newspapers. The demand for paper is sluggish, down 8.3%, and compared with last year, the annual cumulative decline of 4.6%

the price increase is mainly due to the reduction of supply and the increase of cost, while the increase of demand does not explain the reason for the price increase

after a complex period of time, the North American market has raised prices. The North American market is undergoing an epoch-making transformation to a higher brightness standard. After the international paper industry raised the high brightness standard from 84 to 92 Ge, many major manufacturers have followed

it is reported that before the introduction of 92 paper, the inventory of 84 paper in the supply chain needs to be used up, and this campaign to raise standards can be implemented

source of information: China packaging

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