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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. had a bumper harvest at the information industry award ceremony

on January 16, 2007, the "2006 annual enterprise and product promotion and award ceremony of the China Computer Users Association (ccua) and the joint development of innovative and sustainable adhesive solutions with industry partners" hosted by the China Computer Users Association (ccua) were grandly held in Beijing Century Jinyuan Hotel, through the production, sales The business scale, service ability, product use effect, enterprise integrity and sustainable development ability of integration and service enterprises were comprehensively evaluated, and the results of 2006 excellent enterprise selection and product promotion activities in China's information industry were announced. With its deep-rooted influence in the industry, North China industrial control won the "2006 China information industry integrity enterprise award" and "2007 China information industry procurement preferred brand"

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the annual excellent enterprise selection and product promotion of China's information industry is an annual large-scale evaluation activity hosted by the China Computer Users Association. It was founded in 2003. It follows the principle of "fairness, these are not the positive, strict requirements, rather deficient than excessive" and passes the strict review of user research and product evaluation, Selected annual excellent products and enterprises. The 2006 annual selection activities continue to adhere to this principle, aiming to show the development of the entire information industry in 2006, and make due contributions to the informatization driven industrialization and the leap forward development of social productivity. The selection activity has attracted extensive attention and active participation of many information industry production enterprises, and has been unanimously recognized by all sectors of society

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with the development of market economy, the role of credit in economic activities is increasing, and the issue of integrity is becoming more and more valued by people. For enterprises, integrity is the cornerstone of development, and enterprise integrity is also widely concerned by all sectors of society. In this annual excellent enterprise selection and product promotion activity of China's information industry, after strict and fair evaluation and selection, North China industrial control group corporation and Beijing Zhongruan International Information Technology Co., Ltd Ltd., China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd., SAP China, Beijing Jinshan top technology Co., Ltd., EMC Corporation and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad won the 2006 "China Information Industry annual Integrity Enterprise Award" for their integrity deeds and impressions in the industry and customers. North China industrial control group Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by all sectors of society for its good integrity service advantage in the industry. China determines whether the products reach the intensity level production standard by testing the intensity. The customer-oriented business strategy of North Industrial Control Co., Ltd. provides customers with all-round information solutions, strong technical strength and guarantee, which are all talked about by the majority of enterprise customers

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