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North China industrial computer "combustion supporting" IOT

more and more well-known enterprises have invested in the IOT industry, and many enterprises have positioned their future development strategies in the IOT industry. What makes IOT so attractive? What role does industrial automation play in the IOT industry? Is it combustion supporting agent or flame retardant? As a leader in the field of industrial control, North China industrial control has developed and produced industrial control computers, industrial control motherboards, embedded computers and other products, which fields can be applied to IOT

first of all, we understand what IOT is

IOT is an important part of the new generation of information technology. As the name suggests, IOT is the interconnection of things. The core and foundation of IOT is still interconnection, which is an extension and expansion network based on interconnection; Its client extends and extends to any item and between items for information exchange and communication. The key links of IOT can be summarized as comprehensive perception, reliable transmission and intelligent processing. Comprehensive perception refers to the use of radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS, cameras, sensors, sensor networks and other technical means of perception, capture, measurement, information collection and acquisition of objects anytime and anywhere. Reliable transmission refers to reliable information exchange and sharing at any time and anywhere through various communication networks and interconnection. Intelligent processing refers to the analysis and processing of massive cross department, cross industry and cross regional data and information, so as to improve the insight into the physical world, economic and social activities, and realize intelligent decision-making and control. Compared with the global interconnection characteristics of Internet, IOT has local and industrial characteristics

secondly, what role does industrial automation play in IOT

industry is an important field of IOT application. The development level of industrial automation is directly related to the development of industry. When various terminals with environmental awareness, computing mode based on ubiquitous technology and mobile communication are continuously integrated into all links of industrial production, manufacturing efficiency can be greatly improved, product quality can be improved, product cost and resource consumption can be reduced, and traditional industry can be promoted to a new stage of intelligent industry, so as to realize intelligent industry

finally, what fields can North China industrial control products be applied in the IOT industry

factory automation factory automation and control technology are constantly changing the way of production and manufacturing. Industrial automation has increased the workload, made the work more accurate and accurate, and also improved the quality and durability of products. The most important thing is to give factory owners the space to breathe urgently. At present, industrial PC (IPC) of North China industrial control is a powerful driving force behind industrial automation innovation and the rapid development of other industries

production process optimization the application of North China industrial control IOT technology has improved the ability and level of production line process detection, real-time parameter acquisition, production equipment monitoring and material consumption monitoring. The level of intelligent monitoring, intelligent control, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent decision-making and intelligent maintenance of the production process for processors has been continuously improved

product equipment monitoring and management North China industrial computer combines various sensing technologies with manufacturing technologies, and realizes remote monitoring of product equipment operation and use records and equipment fault diagnosis

environmental monitoring and energy management the integration of North China industrial computer and environmental protection equipment has realized the implementation of various pollution sources generated in the process of industrial production and the key indicators of all links of pollution control. On September 18, when the spot market of iron and steel raw materials was weak, it was monitored. Installing wireless sensor equipment at the sewage outlet of key sewage discharge enterprises can not only monitor the sewage discharge data of enterprises in real time, but also close the sewage outlet remotely to prevent sudden environmental pollution accidents

industrial safety production management North China industrial computer combines sensing technology to embed and equip all environmental lighting applicators into mining equipment, oil and gas pipelines, and miners' equipment. It can sense the safety status information of staff, equipment, machines, and the surrounding environment in hazardous environments, and upgrade the existing decentralized, independent, and single network supervision platform to a systematic, open, and diversified comprehensive network supervision platform, Realize real-time perception, accurate identification, fast response and effective control

stand alone automation stand alone automation (M2M) technology means that wireless and wired systems in the system can communicate with other devices. In industrial processes, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a type of industrial control system (ICS), which can monitor and control processes. M2M system can carry out automatic routine inspection on some machines in specific industries

North China industrial control of rail transit provides an efficient and complete rail transit solution. While significantly improving data transmission, safety analysis is carried out according to the data recorded by vehicles, so as to realize rail transit informatization, and finally effectively improve the pressure of existing urban traffic. Adhering to the business philosophy of thinking of the source and returning to the society, Huabei industrial control has successfully served many rail transit departments around the world and made due contributions to the rail transit industry by using more than 20 years of experience in mobile and embedded system development and integrating the most cutting-edge technology. At the same time, the case of North China industrial control in the global rail transit industry has created a perfect performance of professionalism, energy conservation and high stability in rail transit applications

in addition, North China industrial control IOT technology has penetrated into all aspects of the industrial field, supporting all industrial chains of IOT

Shenzhen North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as North China industrial control) is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and service of industry-specific computer products. Products include industrial CPU cards, embedded industrial motherboards, industrial chassis, integrated workstations, industrial tablet computers (PPC), network security standard systems, disk arrays, passive backplanes, industrial power supplies and industrial computer accessories

North China industrial control and norco series products, which are independent brands of North China industrial control, are widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation but improper parameters, communication equipment, power equipment, network security, intelligent transportation, video monitoring, medical care, military/aerospace equipment, self-service terminals, storage equipment, digital signs, on-board computers, 3C applications, etc

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