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North China industrial control 5-inch low-power high-performance motherboard norco

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North China industrial control has made new works in the field of embedded computers. A low-power high-performance motherboard norco-5870 was successfully released in early September. This motherboard adopts 965gm+ich8m chipset, supports intelmobilemeromcpu, and is powered by standard ATX power supply or single power input

norco-5870 supports intelcore2duo processor, and the system front-end bus is 667/800mhz. It supports hardware anti-virus technology EDB, energy-saving technology eist, 64 bit technology EM64T, and virtualization technology intelvt. Beiqiao 965GM integrated display controller supports TV out, CRT and LVDS output. CRT and LVDS can display synchronously and independently. The GMA3100 core greatly improves the display performance. The motherboard provides two ddr2so-dimm sockets, which can support ddr2533/667, with a maximum memory capacity of 4G

norco-5870 integrates intelhighldefau238 curtain wall and diocodec of large window wall, and provides 4 channels (l+r), covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And other speakout and Mic-In interfaces. The onboard intel82566/82562v network chip supports a 10/100/1000mbit/s (82562v:10/100mb/s) standard RJ45 interface. In addition, the motherboard also provides 2 COM ports, 1 IDE interface, 3 SATA interfaces, 4 USB2.0, 1 minips2 keyboard and mouse interface for the driven pin to read the maximum load Pb value, and 1 standard PCI expansion slot. Like other embedded motherboards of North China industrial control, this motherboard has the function of watchdog reset

With its excellent performance, norco-5870 will be widely used in embedded fields such as on-board computers, game consoles, POS, entertainment terminals, etc

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