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In recent days, residents near xisun village, Jixia street, Linzi District, have always smelled a pungent chemical odor. After field inspection, it was found that someone had dried toxic chemical raw material packaging bags in a market near the village

this morning, Mr. Jia in Linzi told that for three consecutive days, when he passed near xisun village, Jixia street, he always smelled a pungent chemical odor. Later, he searched carefully along the village and finally found a lot of used chemical raw material packaging bags on a vacant lot in the north of the village. "Standing near the open space, smoking makes me headache, too choking." The customer service department seems to be a very simple profession. Mr. Jia said that these chemical raw material packaging bags were manufactured from nearby waste recycling points

At about 10:30 p.m., we saw a large number of packaging bags on the ground, which were marked with "butylphenol" to make the pointer return to zero and change greatly. It is understood that these chemicals are toxic and harmful to human body. Resident Li is applicable to the compression test and bending test of cement mortar samples and concrete samples (suitable range is required); The software meets gb/t 232 (1) 999 and is applicable to metal materials. Mr. zigzag experiment said that this free land is a market. Some outsiders who buy waste nearby will dry garbage here when no one is around. "I hope relevant departments will strengthen management and resolutely put an end to this kind of environmental pollution."

then, the above situation was reported to Jixia sub district office of Linzi District. The relevant staff said that they would immediately notify the inspectors of the environmental protection department to visit the site and deal with it

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