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In 2014, the innovative enhanced polyethylene foam (EPE) solution area developed by Dow in the Asia Pacific region won the largest solar energy installation market in succession.

according to the statistics of the International Energy Agency, the previous 37.6gw of global solar energy devices increased to 38.7gw in 2014, accounting for 59% in the Asia Pacific region, ranking the largest solar energy market in the world. As for the global cumulative number of solar energy installations, it has reached 177gw

the number of solar energy installations in China decreased slightly from 10.95gw in 2013 to 10.6gw in 2014, but it still ranks among the largest markets in the world; The number of units in Japan is about 9 Then power on and start 7gw, ranking second. In 2014, the total number of solar energy installations in the Asia Pacific region accounted for 59% of the world, ranking first in the world, while the proportion in Europe fell to 18%

at present, about 1% of the global electricity is contributed by solar energy, and solar power generation accounts for 1% of the electricity used in 19 countries; The proportion of solar power supply in Italy is 7.9%, that in Greece is 7.6%, and that in Germany is about 7% measured with a dial gauge based on two force columns

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