The hottest market is gradually divided into three

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The market is gradually divided into three, six, nine and other small paint brands. How to advance

the market is gradually divided into three, six, nine and so on. How can small paint brands progress

November 17, 2014

[China coating information] with the continuous expansion of the scale of the coating industry, the polarization of the coating industry is becoming more and more obvious. The good ones in the enterprise are better, while the poor ones are worse, and the grade difference is becoming increasingly fierce. Indeed, in the market competition, for large brand coatings, the competitive advantage is obvious, with rich product lines, high visibility, wide coverage, and high consumer awareness. Small brands are not as good as big brands in terms of brand strength or reputation. In such a situation, how can small paint brands break through the market

find another way to segment the market, break through the fog and break through the siege

nowadays, the trend of business is to pursue personalization, and the needs of people are becoming more and more diversified and enriched. The pattern of oneortwo brands occupying most of the market in the past is gone forever. At present, the biggest paint market opportunity is to find and accurately position in a certain segment market. Small paint enterprises need to find another way in the development, have a keen insight into the new market, and work deeply in this segment market; To meet the needs of consumers to the greatest extent, and create a distinctive brand image, which is consistent with the target customer group, so as to attract their eyes, and finally achieve the double harvest of brand construction and product sales

compared with small markets that large enterprises are unwilling to move up and down the beam and are difficult to choose to subdivide, small enterprises have unparalleled advantages: strong innovation, flexibility, concentration of resources, and relatively small pressure on market share and profits, so that small coating enterprises can be more like fish in water in the subdivided market, cut in from the perspective of the market, break through the fog and break through the siege

making topics to attract attention, word-of-mouth marketing to shape brands

at present, many coating enterprises' brand promotion planning often takes the form of advertising, spending heavily to invite spokesmen to advertise everywhere. The advantage of sufficient funds will also lead to the consequences of creativity being wiped out, and they don't go or don't know to formulate other promotion plans. When small enterprises intend to enter a certain market, they can adopt word-of-mouth marketing or other creative promotion methods to attract the attention of consumers and achieve the maximum marketing effect with the smallest amount of money

many local paint brands do not have the financial and brand advantages of foreign major brands, but with the help of network marketing means, it is easy to form a good impression in the hearts of consumers by creating topics or soft text. The use of B and C thallium word-of-mouth marketing and networking platforms to rapidly promote brands has also created some local brands with high brand awareness and brand reputation in the grain export industry. This kind of promotion planning can realize the great benefits of getting the maximum output with the smallest input

two way communication forms resonance and promotes brands with a low attitude

in addition, coating enterprises also need to passively receive enterprise information from past consumers and gradually turn to two-way communication. Enterprises should not only transmit information to consumers, but also actively listen to consumers' information, understand their deep-seated needs and the use experience of products, and make more dynamic and flexible improvements to meet the psychological needs of target consumers. Use the language of target consumers to resonate with consumers through interaction, so as to successfully improve the popularity of the brand

for many big brands, many small paint enterprises also have their own unique advantages and potential this year. They can attract the attention of consumers and participate in it by planning some novel creative activities. The greatest achievement is to keep a low profile and achieve brand success by pushing a wide range of pull forces. Therefore, in this unchanging paint market pattern, paint enterprises also need to innovate ideas and effectively promote the brand, so as to find their own space in the highly competitive market

in a word, although small paint brands cannot compete with big brands in strength, as long as they can constantly improve themselves and adjust their development strategies, they can also usher in their own Xintiandi. If you can't be big and strong, then you can be small and fine, and you can succeed

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