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Market stalemate consolidation plastic transactions are still light

yesterday, the spot market stabilized, the decline in oil prices did not have much impact, and the market atmosphere further improved. Merchants are not in a hurry to ship, and the quotation is firm. A few traders even have tentative price increases. Inquiries from downstream factories have increased, but the transaction situation is still poor. Overall, the current positive factors are still unable to change the fundamental trend of the market

I. PE market

although the decline of crude oil has affected the continuous rise of PE market prices, the on-site inquiry is still generally good due to the stimulation of less goods. Sinopec and PetroChina made clear the settlement price and successively priced the sales, which boosted the confidence of sellers and followed up one after another. Linear prices continue to rise, and transactions are acceptable, while high-pressure and low-pressure are relatively inferior

in the afternoon of July 29, the listing price of China Plastics spot mall LLDPE was mainly stable, and a few brands were adjusted. Most of them rose, with an increase of yuan/ton, while some brands fell by 100 yuan/ton

Linyi PE market has a small supply of goods, and merchants are not in a hurry to ship. Today's price is strong, and there are not many transactions. Yangzi 7042 is tax free at 9750 yuan/ton, 1802 is tax free at 9700 yuan/ton, and 1002kw is tax free at 10100 yuan/ton

some petrochemical manufacturers have raised the settlement price, and the market trading atmosphere has further improved. Many merchants are actively shipping, and the inquiries of downstream factories have increased, but the purchase intention is still not strong. It is expected that the PE market will continue to maintain a stalemate in the later period, but there is also the possibility of inertia rising at the end of the month and setting up booths in the exhibition area

II. PP market

the PP market is mainly stable, and some brands are slightly higher supported by the new ex factory price of petrochemical. The sharp rise of monomer boosted the market atmosphere. In addition, some traders continued to tentatively report higher prices due to the small amount of goods in their hands. However, due to the unsatisfactory coordination of downstream demand, there was great resistance to the volume of transactions

in the afternoon of July 29, the listing of PP in China Plastics spot mall was generally dominant, with an increase of about yuan/ton, and individual brands increased by 450 yuan/ton; In addition, two brands have made downward adjustments, with a decline of 50 yuan/ton

Shunde PP market is generally stable, with some quotations rising slightly, market transactions are still deadlocked, and the trading atmosphere is general. Businessmen remain optimistic, but it is still difficult to conclude a deal at a high price. Downstream factories have light inquiries and few transactions

near the end of the month, the market as a whole was stable, and some quotations tentatively rose under the stimulation of less supply, but the demand of downstream enterprises continued to languish without significant improvement. It is expected that the PP market will maintain a narrow consolidation situation in the later period

III. PVC market

pvc market still has not achieved a breakthrough, and the market stalemate is still the mainstream of the current market. Although there are some tentative price hikes to fix the tested sample 101, including the inlet part, to the oscillating part 102, the downstream demand has not been followed up, which is not enough to drive the market quotation to rise on a large scale. At present, the mainstream quotation of calcium carbide five type material in local markets is 6350-6500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of ethylene material is 6550-6800 yuan/ton

the flat market situation does not change, and it is difficult to drive demand. It is expected that the future market will be good and bad at present, while the Pu hard bubble is generally 25 ~ 28; (4) The factors of low cost have not changed much, so the market will continue to be deadlocked in the later stage

IV. ABS market

the rise of ABS market has slowed down. Although suppliers have no inventory pressure, there are few hot spots in the market in the off-season environment. The terminal demand continues to be weak, and the volume of transactions is less than expected. The latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS in Yuyao plastic city is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of imported ABS is yuan/ton. Generally speaking, there are many market speculation behaviors, but under the continuous weakness of terminal demand, favorable factors are still unable to change the fundamental trend of the market. Therefore, it is expected that the ABS market will be dominated by overall consolidation in the later period

v. PS market

ps market is not affected by the decline of oil price, and the market is stable and rising, with an increase of yuan/ton. The market atmosphere is good, and the inquiry is relatively active. However, at present, downstream enterprises are still cautious about entering the market, and the demand is not obvious. Yuyao plastic city's latest G is the national metallurgical analysis and testing technology authority. The mainstream quotation of PPS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of hips is yuan/ton

it is expected that the consolidation of PS market may be the mainstream in the later stage

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