The hottest market in Pakistan urgently needs PP

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The Pakistani market is in urgent need of PP

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Pakistan is an importer of polypropylene (PP), and most of the polypropylene required for domestic production is imported from Iran. After the United States announced its plan to attack Iraq, Iran was also threatened by the war of the United States, the shipping routes to Iran were all halted, and the import of polypropylene, the raw material for packaging production in Pakistan, was forced to stop

in terms of plastic bags for food, according to the report of the association of competitors of the same trade, the production of polypropylene packaging bags in Pakistan has been solved through company acquisition. At present, it is the peak period of sugar and chemical fertilizer production, and Pakistan has a great demand for packaging bags. However, due to the shortage of raw materials, 10 of the 60 packaging bag factories in Pakistan have shut down. If the relevant government departments do not take measures to make up for the market shortage, the number of manufacturers that shut down will increase

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