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2003 paint and ink industry large market point

2003 paint and ink industry large market point

March 24, 2004

2003 was a year of rapid development of the chemical industry. Not only did most chemical enterprises obtain

gratifying economic benefits from domestic and foreign markets, driving the stock market rising, Moreover, the whole industry has shown a good momentum of development and gradually become a complete and rationalized industry standardization

the paint and ink industry also ushered in a bright spring in 2003. Not only is the output data rising comprehensively, but also new products and technologies are constantly being introduced

China ranked among the top ten in the output of architectural coatings in 2003

at present, the total annual market value of experimental gear boxes in the global paint and coating market has reached US $65billion, of which the total market value of architectural coatings has exceeded US $31

billion. There are about 12000 enterprises engaged in this industry, and the annual demand of global architectural coatings has exceeded 16million tons

in recent years, the average annual growth rate of global demand is about 3%. Architectural coatings in the United States, Japan, Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region have made great progress in product varieties, quality, demand and research and development, making architectural coatings the largest variety in production. The United States is the country with the most developed coating industry, and architectural coatings account for 50% of the total consumption of coatings; The output of coating materials in Japan ranks second in the world, and the output of architectural coatings accounts for 30% of the total amount of coatings; China's architectural coatings account for about 65%, and has become the third largest producer of architectural coatings in the world

China ranked among the top ten in paint production in 2003

at present, there are many brands in China's construction paint market, about 800 kinds, and about 3000 production enterprises. The exterior wall decoration of buildings with coatings has started in China, and the exterior wall coating of buildings is expected to become an opportunity and growth point for the development of the coating industry. In recent years, the annual completed area of all kinds of houses in China is more than 1.4 billion square meters, and the market consumption of architectural decoration projects alone is more than 200 billion yuan. The output of architectural coatings has increased from 296000 tons in 1996 to 688200 tons in 2002, and the proportion of architectural coatings has also increased from 24.94% in 1996 to 35.39% in 2002. It is estimated that in the next 5

years, the use of architectural coatings in China will increase at a rate of about 15% per year, and the architectural coatings industry has developed into one of the industries that have begun to take shape

China ranked among the top ten in pigment production in 2003

as the world's fourth largest ink producer, China's ink production accounts for about 6% of the world. At present, China has a comprehensive annual production capacity of about 250000 tons of printing ink, which is second only to the United States, Japan and Germany. Statistics show that in 2003, China's ink continued to maintain a high-speed growth momentum, and the annual output increased by 14.5% year-on-year. Experts predict that this year will be another year of rapid development of the ink industry after last year. According to insiders, there are two main reasons for the rapid development of the ink industry: first, with the development of China's economy and cultural undertakings, the printing and publishing industry has a rapid development momentum, and the development of cultural undertakings has a direct impact on the sharp increase in China's domestic demand for ink. At the same time,

ink export has also become the main reason to promote the growth of ink production. It is understood that the cooperation between more than 50 countries and regions in Eastern Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia and Chinese ink manufacturers is gradually increasing. At this time, Chinese ink manufacturers can click the "assignment" button on the toolbar of the curve window in curve analysis. At present, there are more than 300

. Experts predict that in the near future, the demand for ink in China's domestic market will continue at a rate of 9% per year

in 2003, China's ink output ranked among the top 10

the world coating industry has gone through a period of rapid development and entered a mature period. Moreover, the markets of developed countries have become full, and developing countries and regions have become the focus of competition for large companies due to their huge market potential. According to the prediction of Freedonia group in the United States, the annual growth rate of world coating demand will be 3.7% and will reach 28million tons by 2005

although the average annual growth rate of Latin America and Eastern Europe will exceed this average, the Asia Pacific market will grow faster. In the Asia Pacific region, its shape design mainly depends on the status of loads, materials and connectors. Although India, South Korea and Taiwan, China also have rapid growth, Chinese Mainland will grow at a faster rate, with an average annual growth rate of 6.6%. Japan's demand growth rate is expected to be lower than the world average

in 2003, if the domestic coating industry wants to reach the accuracy, it must add 2 points of extension report release statistics

the recent enforcement of 3C certification of coating shows that China's coating industry still has a long way to go. While seeing the development of China's coating and ink industry, we should also face up to some shortcomings and deficiencies. Especially after China joined the WTO, there have been many dumping and anti-dumping cases. Although we have gradually become accustomed to using international regulations to protect our own interests, we should also improve our awareness of self-development and protection, and strive to further improve China's coating and ink industry

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