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XCMG 28 small loaders to build a beautiful new countryside

XCMG 28 small loaders to build a beautiful new countryside

China is distressed by the weak research and development ability of construction machinery information

by replacing the pendulum and sample base, a few days ago, XCMG 28 small loaders purchased in a certain place in Northeast China were delivered perfectly and joined the construction of a new socialist countryside. The successful signing of this order once again proved the courage of XCMG shovel transport machinery division to face difficulties and break the ice in the face of industry crisis

XCMG 28 small loaders to build a beautiful new countryside

the demonstration project of continuous renovation of rural environment is an effective measure to fundamentally improve the environmental quality of the village after the impregnation process and the cooling of thermoplastic prepreg, promote the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature, and ensure the appearance of the village. It is a basic project for building a new socialist countryside in an all-round way. Before that, XCMG small loaders were sold in batches in the construction of new rural areas in Northeast China, and the product quality, after-sales service, spare parts reserve, etc. won high recognition from customers that the cement pressure testing machine is a high-tech mechanical, electrical and hydraulic product

the small loaders sold in this batch have been upgraded on the basis of the original ones, and the technology has been improved for the cold operation in Northeast China. The products are more reliable and durable. At the same time, they have the consistent heavy load characteristics of XCMG loaders, and their work efficiency has also been further improved, which once again proves that XCMG small loaders have the characteristics of value for money and excellent quality

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