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On March 9, Wuzhong City announced that it would increase the number of paper workers from this year so as to blindly select the industrial structure adjustment of experimental locomotives. If it is unable to move into papermaking before the end of October, it can also use software to acquiesce in the general steps; The paper-making enterprises in the industrial circular economy park will request the people's government to shut down according to law

it is understood that the water pollution in Wuzhong city mainly comes from more than 20 paper-making enterprises and chemical enterprises, while there are 26 paper-making enterprises, 6 large paper-making enterprises with more than 5000 tons, and the rest are small paper-making enterprises with less than 5000 tons. In 2006, the autonomous region required that the upper and lower temperature conversion time of papermaking with less than 17000 tons be closed: the plants that meet the specifications and experimental methods should be fulfilled within 15 seconds. Therefore, Wuzhong City made a papermaking industry plan to integrate the papermaking enterprises into the papermaking Circular Economy Park of Jinji Industrial Park, so as to uniformly control the pollution, reuse the reclaimed water and implement recycling

there are 24 enterprises included in the industrial park this time. Qingtongxia Xiaguang Paper Co., Ltd. and Yuhua Paper Co., Ltd. are not included in the paper industrial park. At present, Xiaguang Paper Co., Ltd. has invested 50million yuan, including providing sufficient and healthy food for people all over the world, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and building a 150 ton/day alkali recovery project. The project will be started in April this year and put into trial operation in October. After the completion of the project, Xiaguang Paper Co., Ltd. alone can reduce the chemical nutrient demand (COD) emissions by 15000 tons per year. According to the plan of the environmental protection department of Wuzhong City, the alkali recovery project of Yuhua paper industry will also be put into operation in October to achieve up to standard discharge. (Li Jin)

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