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Small family houses have become the first choice for young people after the 1980s. Although the house is small, it still has to carry all the life; Because you are young, you need to be more creative. Because the living area of small house type is relatively small, a room may include various functional activities such as living, receiving, storage, and learning, which not only meet people's living needs, but also make the room not messy, which requires a full and reasonable layout of the living space

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the general layout can be started from the following aspects:

tone setting is partial to bright color

if the design of a small apartment is unreasonable, it will make the room appear darker and narrower. Therefore, when color design is combined with your hobbies, you can generally choose light tones and intermediate colors as the keynote of furniture, bedspreads, sofas and curtains. Because of the diffusion and retrogression of these colors, the room can give people a fresh, cheerful, bright and spacious feeling

when the whole space has many relatively different tonal arrangements, the visual effect of the room will be greatly improved. However, it should be noted that it is best not to use too many different materials and colors in the same space, which will cause visual oppression. It is best to take soft and bright colors as the main tone

small houses can also use daylighting to expand their vision, such as increasing the size of windows or using permeable or glass furniture, tables and chairs, etc., to make the space bright and spacious

furniture can be placed longitudinally

furniture is the basic element of room layout. How to make each function of the room separate, internally connected and not crowded in a limited space depends largely on the form and size of furniture

furniture with simple shape, light texture and small size, especially those that can be combined, disassembled and stored at will, is more suitable for small house types. Or choose furniture that covers a small area and is relatively high, which can accommodate a large number of items without wasting space

this also reflects a major feature of placing furniture in small family rooms, which is to develop vertically. If you choose a high bed, you can raise the bed surface and unconsciously increase the available space below the bed surface, or you can simply buy a dual-purpose bed, put it away as a sofa during the day and put it down as a bed at night, killing two birds with one stone. Computers are essential tools for young people to study and work. But in the small room, it seems a little crowded to put down the computer desk and add a large bookshelf or bookcase. Therefore, when choosing, of course, we should choose the overall study with the function of collecting

if the room is small and you want to have your own independent space, then use partition screens, sliding doors or movable furniture in the room to replace the original closed partition wall, so that the wall becomes “ Live ” At the same time, the overall space has a sense of permeability

small space should be “ Light decoration &rdquo

if there are cabinets everywhere in the small room, it also reduces the living space. Instead, it's better to use the decoration money to buy some better furniture. The so-called “ Light decoration ” The decoration concept advocates that under the limited budget, the practical function of home space should be based on furniture configuration, which is the primary focus of decoration, and the decoration of sky, ground and wall belongs to the supporting role of space decoration. Small space reduces the fixed and cumbersome decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live freely

color walls highlight the sense of three-dimensional

paint is the most effective material to change the home atmosphere. Most people think that the small space area is relatively limited, and the wall must be whitewashed to have the effect of space expansion. In fact, if the color of color walls is selected properly, it can make a sense of depth and enlarge the visual effect of the space. Take a rectangular space as an example. If the wall in the distance is painted with a darker color, the length of the space can be reduced and the space can be arranged more square. In addition, do not use too many cloth decorations, too many colorful wallpapers, table towels in a small space, which will be tired and expensive

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