Five suggestions for wedding decoration in autumn

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Five suggestions for wedding decoration in autumn

the new couple has their own new home, and all household goods are brand new. Whether to spend a sum of money to invite designers to design a full set, or invest in DIY by yourself? For young people, experts have the following five suggestions:

First: experts suggest that you don't rush to finish the decoration at one time, but take your time. You can buy necessary daily necessities such as beds, tables, sofas, pots, bowls, ladles, basins, etc. first. We are opposed to the fact that new people are hired to construct before moving into their new house. Cabinets are made all over the house, and all furniture is fixed. Usually, the common formula of this mode of life is: the big sofa in the living room faces a big TV cabinet; The master bedroom is a wardrobe, a bedside table, and a bed seat. All the furniture fills the space, and you can't make any changes and adjustments in a few years

sunshine study leaves room for future changes

second: when the newlyweds first got married, they were in a world of two, their careers were just starting, their children had not been born, and their economic foundation was not stable. There will be many drawbacks if the new house is decorated at one time. Because the concept of home design will change with the growth of age and knowledge, it will be a great waste to complete the decoration at one time

moreover, as the baby is born, parents come to live, and relatives and friends come and go, the room will change again. Therefore, space should be left blank, leaving enough room for future changes and development

elegant space furniture should be mobile


third: there are so many changing factors in newly married families, so we advocate that furniture should be movable and removable to adapt to various changes. Move around and change in the house, giving new feelings and new faces at any time. For example, the chest of drawers can be changed into a diaper cabinet, and the comprehensive cabinet can be changed into a bookshelf. Because the space will not be very large, don't buy a complete set of three, two and one sofas. Sofas without armrests and high backs are more suitable for smaller spaces. If you buy Chinese furniture, you can also purchase it in pieces, batches and years

fourth: furniture should not only have one function, but also have multiple uses and can adapt to various changes. For example, the sofa bed is suitable for new houses without guest rooms for parents and friends to visit. For example, a child's bed can be pulled out from the bottom for the use of the nanny. The dining table is also a work table and coffee table. The dining table does not need to be transferred to a unified table with six chairs, but can be changed into a sofa and two movable chairs. When the living room is not enough, it can also be moved to other places. The bed set does not need to be complete. The bed base is equipped with two movable tables, which can be used as a bedside table. One bedside table can also be used, and it can face east today and west tomorrow

romantic style purchase home accessories around the theme

fifth: changing home layout is the cheapest and fastest design method, but there are so many things, where to buy? "Purchasing around one theme" is the simplest and fastest method





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