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For small houses, the design of getting on and off the bed is the most space-saving design form. Recently, the two child policy has been relaxed. After the family has two treasures, the small room should also be re planned. If it is two sisters or two brothers, then two beds in one room will solve the living problem. Today, let's take a look at the design of getting on and off the bed that enlarges the practical function by twice

this room is not small, so there will be more free space after this design. Let's take a look at this kind of bedding design: the white European style cabinet, the whole bed is supported on several corners of the desk with columns, the desk is arranged to be stored on the outside, and on the inside, in addition to the upper drawers, the bottom is empty for better activities

have you found that even with the bed design, the overall effect of the room will not be affected at all: make lockers and desks on both sides of the bed below, which simply does not waste space at all

similarly, there is a bed at the top and a desk at the bottom, but many shelves are arranged in the desk for storage, and the Notepad outward is also very practical

the design is the same as the one above, but dark brown looks cooler and more atmospheric

it looks slightly American retro. The desk is stored in a cabinet with a cabinet door, which is more tidy

without setting the height too high, it is easy to climb into bed, and the desk is also a hidden pull-out design, which can be pulled out when needed, and can be pushed under the bed to hide when not needed





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