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[] people outside the industry don't know how deep the water of home decoration is. Recently, a person in the home decoration industry broke the news that there are countless black scenes in home decoration. Water and electricity transformation, tiling and wall painting are basic decoration, but each involves many links and many decorative materials. The home decoration company seized on the fact that the owner did not know the details and tried to make the owner pay more. It's best to find a knowledgeable person to consult before home decoration, so as not to get into the way of home decoration company and become a wrongdoer. [related reading: behind the scenes in the production and sales of wooden door industry]

◆ behind the scenes quotation: divide the whole into parts and kill you. You didn't discuss it.

in order to make money, home decoration companies usually make multiple quotations for demolition projects. For a simple wardrobe, in the view of the owner, as long as the total price is quoted, but smart home decoration companies like to split the quotation: how many boards, how much paint, how much putty powder, how much labor, etc. the total price quoted by this method is definitely much more expensive than the overall quotation. For example, a painter can paint all the walls, wardrobes, lockers, etc. in home decoration at one go, but if it is separated, not only the price will go up, but also the construction period will certainly be much more than the overall calculation

Mr. Liu said that the effect of home decoration depends on woodworking modeling, which is also unknown to the majority of owners. Woodworking projects use the most kinds of materials, such as woodworking boards, panels, gypsum boards, keels, white latex, patches, etc., so it is also easy to fool the owners. For example, the price of woodworking boards ranges from 70 yuan to 150 yuan, and gypsum boards from 15 yuan to 23 yuan, Those with high prices are durable in thickness, flatness and content density, and formaldehyde and other harmful substances are also low, so the project is better

wall engineering is also greasy. He said that when many new buildings are handed over, they are painted with paint, and the original wall must be removed and then painted with interface agent. The bandage at the crack plus kraft paper is pasted with white emulsion, and the putty is hung twice and polished after drying. Usually, the putty is applied with a tile knife, and if it is a fine decoration, the putty should be scraped with a guiding ruler; Apply emulsion paint, one primer (the function is to seal the bottom and resist alkali), and two finishing coats &hellip& hellip; He said: the quotation of each company is different. Some companies split a project into several small items in order to get the total price up, and the order is disordered, which makes the owners dizzy. For example, a wall project alone is divided into several items, such as wall peeling, interface agent, greasy scratch, primer, top paint, and even machinery costs. Each item is quoted, and the final price is very high

it is understood that now workers only pursue daily work fees, and their quality awareness is generally not high. The number of puttying times cannot be reached. If they do not follow the procedure, a normal 100 square meter house needs a barrel of 18 liters of primer and two barrels of 18 liters of finish paint. Some workers said that just a poke of finish paint was enough. More workers with bad morals pour the paint bought by the owner into the toilet. If they brush less, they will have less workload and end work early

◆ hydropower transformation in the dark: cheat if you can

in the current housing decoration, hydropower transformation is as little as thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan. In fact, water and electricity transformation is generally calculated according to the quantities. When signing the contract, the general owner only asks the unit price, without considering how many meters to use, and how much is up to the decoration company the final say. It is the blessing of the owner to encounter a kind company




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