The five most popular flooring brands in 2011

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2010 has passed. If you have a decoration plan in 2011, it is also time to learn about some brand information, such as flooring. Understand the market situation and control the lifeline of the market. Today I will select the five most popular wood flooring brands in 2011. 2010 has passed. If you have a decoration plan in 2011, it is also time to know some brand information, such as flooring. To understand the market situation and control the lifeline of the market, today we will select the five most prestigious wood flooring brands in 2011

Kono floor, Yamaxun floor

I Anxin flooring ([one of the top ten brands of flooring)

Anxin flooring has a wide range of types, which can meet the various needs of high, middle and low-end consumers, and enjoys a good reputation in China. At present, it has become the mainstream brand and strong brand of solid wood flooring in China. Moreover, the production indicators of the products have reached or even exceeded the national standards, so this stable product quality has been recognized by the majority of consumers. It is also recognized as one of the top ten wood flooring brands in the industry

II. North American Fengqing flooring (one of the top ten flooring brands) is a famous and high-quality product in China.

North American Fengqing is the only and largest wholly foreign-owned wood flooring manufacturer in China. At present, it has first-line production strength and second-line brand popularity in the industry? It is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of multi-layer solid wood flooring. In order to meet the market demand, it also produces solid wood flooring and reinforced imitation solid wood flooring, and strives to build the first brand of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring

III. living home flooring (one of the top ten flooring brands) has FSC forest system certification, ten ring certification, antique patent

it has the first floor production model factory in China that meets the highest international standards. Through the cooperation with research and development institutions such as incase in France and Mannington in the United States, and in conjunction with Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, the Creative Laboratory of living home has been established to provide consumers with more perfect products. The products have obtained the ten ring certification, EU CE certification, and the "high quality product certificate" issued by the American International Quality Commission. It not only has outstanding product quality (stability, environmental protection and other indicators are better than national standards), but also passes “ Golden key service ” The implementation of the system provides consumers with high-quality service content. In recent years, it has given back to the society by setting up a baroque music research room, holding a Chinese go competition, supporting the disaster areas and other activities

IV. Shengxiang flooring (one of the top ten flooring brands) China environmental label certification

Shengxiang group, founded in 1995, is a large wood flooring enterprise in China, with the sales volume of similar products ranking first for 13 consecutive years. Shengxiang group has been ranked first in the building materials industry for six consecutive years, and has ranked among the top 100 Chinese brand values for the first time. Its products are basically international advanced equipment, which can customize personalized products according to the needs of different customers to meet the needs of different people. Its products are of outstanding quality, especially in the field of laminate flooring, which is far ahead in sales. It is one of the top ten brands of flooring

v. nature flooring (one of the top ten flooring brands) 500 the most valuable brand

Guangdong YingRan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. Since 2000, its product market share has been among the highest in the industry, becoming one of the largest backbone enterprises of wood flooring in Asia and successfully ranking among the top ten flooring brands in China. In 2001, the brand's first super wear-resistant technology triggered a technological revolution in the industry and solved the technical problems of China's flooring industry for many years, which greatly improved the competitiveness of China's flooring industry in the international market. In 2007, we successfully developed natural reactive ecological paint flooring, which represents the real “ Green products ” The arrival of the times

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