131 square meters three room simple European style

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The simple European style is developed from the classical European style. While retaining the general style of materials and colors, it is a decoration style that conforms to today's aesthetics. It is atmospheric and not high-profile. It is the best choice for the decoration of many large houses today. Today's decoration editor will share with you a 113 square meter three room simple European style decoration effect drawing. Let's enjoy it together

[decoration file]

decoration community: jiulongcang Yuexi

decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration company: Jiangnan beauty decoration

[113 square meter decoration house type drawing]

[113 square meter simple European style decoration effect drawing]

there is no excessive decoration in the living room, proper gypsum lines, and simple and generous wood decorative panels. More low-key luxury and make the whole space look comfortable and generous

the restaurant is a relatively independent space with a relatively large location, which is suitable for the placement of a set of European dining tables. Coupled with exquisite tableware, it is simply icing on the cake

the master bedroom is based on fresh and elegant white. The simple European white carved bed is equipped with a simple bedside table and warm color lamps and curtains, making the whole space look more harmonious and natural

the kitchen is designed with a smooth walking route and multiple cabinets to make the whole cooking process seem relaxed and comfortable. In terms of design, the designer opened the north balcony of the kitchen to the originally narrow kitchen area, adding a lot of sense of space

white and warm tiles are the main colors and collocations in the bathroom. The design gives people a smooth walking line. The storage space beside the toilet has greatly increased the use function and expanded to meet the daily needs of the owner

the simple European style is more modern, highlighting the European style through lighting design, etc. I don't know if you like it. If you want to decorate your home like this, then hurry to choose a suitable decoration company. The platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure rooms for free and formulate decoration plans. You can compare them, and some decoration funds are waiting for you




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