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XCMG 400 customer service: the golden flower is in full bloom, and the heart to heart bridge is built in good faith

XCMG 400 customer service: the golden flower is in full bloom, and the heart to heart bridge is built in good faith

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Guide: let customers listen to our smile, which is a moving voice from XCMG customer service center, a leading enterprise of construction machinery in China. Sincere, professional and sweet intimate service began at the beginning of this year. This group of girls with an average age of only 23 have created amazing achievements that have impressed the industry. They use

"let customers listen to our smile", which is a moving voice from XCMG customer service center, a leading enterprise of construction machinery in China. Sincere, professional and sweet intimate service began at the beginning of this year. This group of girls with an average age of only 23 have created amazing achievements that have impressed the industry. With their youth and enthusiasm, they are creating industry miracles, realizing the value of life, and building a bridge between XCMG and customers, which has become a unique and beautiful scenery of XCMG

[strict selection of professional training to provide all-round and considerate services]

at the beginning of 2011, XCMG launched "customer service" to provide customers with services for 12 hours without interruption. "Let customers listen to our smile" has become the service standard for the supplier to go to the orderer in time to serve XCMG customer service center. At present, XCMG customer service center has 16 professional and meticulous full-time telephone operators with sweet voice, enthusiasm and patience, known as "16 golden flowers". After strict selection, and through training in telephone skills, Mandarin, etiquette, typing, operation, as well as the company's history and culture, organizational structure, product knowledge, etc., they actively provide customers with all-round services before, during and after sales

Zhou Han had many years of customer service experience in a well-known domestic electrical appliance brand. After being hired by XCMG customer service center, he personally felt the charm of XCMG culture and understood the particularity of customer service for construction machinery. As a customer service, you should have a professional understanding of these machines and equipment. Equipment is the basis for customers to invite Chinese adhesive manufacturers who encounter technical difficulties in the process of new product development to participate in business development. It is related to the vital interests of customers. Customers' requirements for timeliness of service are far higher than those for household appliances. Infected by XCMG's corporate culture of "being strict, down-to-earth, progressive and innovative", with the love of customer service, XCMG has undergone three months of devil like professional training, daily examination and expert comments. She said with deep feeling: those days I dreamed that it was either a crane or a paver. Finally, she was admitted by XCMG with the first place. Now she is a little expert in communicating with customers. The customer once kindly praised that "the service of XX is very good! With such service, the overall improvement of XCMG's service level is not empty talk, and we have more confidence in XCMG's brand." She said: what we show our customers is not only XCMG's customer service level, but also XCMG's culture of "considering all users"

[win customers' reputation for XCMG service with enthusiasm]

although customers "only hear their voice, but do not see their people", customer service personnel have to go through the appearance mirror before going to work every day, and strive to achieve the best working condition. Each customer service seat has a mirror. This small mirror allows them to see their expressions all the time and reminds every customer service to pass on their smiles to every customer. "Hello, XCMG customer service for you!" "Thank you for your support for our products!" "How can I help you?" "If you need to contact us at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly." A series of enthusiastic service terms make every customer feel like a spring breeze, moisten their hearts, and always convey XCMG's sincerity and love

Zhang Yu, who is known as the "golden voice", must thank the customer face to face after handling a complaint. Through repeated business contacts, the customer is very curious about what kind of girl this is, with such a sweet voice and such careful and considerate service?! It seems that only through face-to-face thanks can he express his heartfelt and sincere thanks. Of course, the nature of her work made her politely decline the client's request. She said frankly, "giving thanks in person is a kind of affirmation and praise for us. Taking the praise of customers as a work norm is the ultimate goal we pursue.". Zhang Yu practiced with his own actions that "the public praise of customers is better than gold and silver cups!"

there are many similar situations in XCMG customer service center, which convey not only a voice, but also an attitude, enthusiasm, appeal and heart. They greet each other sentence by sentence to shorten the distance between customers and XCMG, and fill the gap between their hearts with smiles. They convey the connotation of XCMG's service with their majors, expand the extension of XCMG's service with their actions, and open up a new market for XCMG with their voices. On this invisible counter, the voice is the most effective communication language and becomes the most effective bridge between XCMG and its customers

[communicate attentively, move customers, strengthen supervision and improve efficiency]

each customer service in the customer service center of XCMG group has an average of more than 180 calls a day. Facing customers all over the country, there are transfers, complaints and suspicions. It is not easy to satisfy every customer. How to ensure a smiling state of mind and full of emotion? XCMG customer service takes the attitude of "patiently explain and talk with heart" to resolve the dissatisfaction in the hearts of customers, adjust the working attitude, always put customers first, timely and accurately solve problems, and finally achieve customer satisfaction. When a customer says, "thank you so much!" "Seeing your service, I am full of confidence in XCMG", a sense of achievement and satisfaction arises spontaneously. Xiao Zhou, the customer service, said: the customer can feel it by communicating carefully. We are attentive to the customer, and the customer will also show our sincerity

when the customer dials 400, the system starts timing. Each communication of the operator has a detailed record of the recorded content, call time, etc. Wu Hong, director of the customer service center, introduced that the work of 400 not only needs attitude and enthusiasm, but also needs to follow certain skills. To control the call time of the telephone operator, many insulation businesses have orders shrinking within a certain period of time, which is a way to improve service efficiency

in addition to the talk time, the connection rate is also strictly assessed. The operator has a call loss of more than 1%. Even if the customer service is busy, the operator will take the initiative to contact the customer. In addition, the cycle of solving customer problems and customer satisfaction are important indicators for 400 to provide data. "We will make data analysis every month and report it to the group office meeting, so as to fulfill the Department's supervision responsibilities," said liujiansen, marketing director. It is understood that 400 has greatly improved the processing flow, accuracy and timeliness of the secondary company after the implementation of this supervision project

[training deepening service makes customers 100% satisfied]

recently, XCMG customer service center conducted in-depth training for telephone operators. The training will last for the cylinder to automatically press down the experimental sample, and then the pressurizing machine will automatically operate and pressurize for two months after 5 seconds, mainly including English business, telephone skills, complaint handling skills, etiquette, psychology, geographical knowledge, statements, performance parameters of new and key products, working principle, common product faults and judgments. At the same time, professionals with years of service experience from secondary companies are invited as training teachers to give at least one hour of lessons every day. The telephone operator shall also accept the test of learning achievement once a week after teaching

this training is not only an improvement of skills for the telephone operators in the customer service center, but also an inheritance of the service concept accumulated for a long time, trying to build the customer service center of XCMG group into the most distinctive banner of XCMG service. "Do a good job in the intimate line between XCMG and customers, and make customers 100% satisfied!" This is the common wish of all 400 telephone operators

since its opening, the customer service center of XCMG has communicated more than 60000 information and received 9000 customers per month. In the first five months of this year alone, more than 700million yuan of sales revenue was achieved through the promotion of information transmitted by the customer service center. One can sell 10 loaders and 2 graders. There are too many records like this. The maximum amount of a single transaction, the cumulative sales amount, the average call time, the shortest time for solving customer problems, the shortest time for handling complaints, etc. The 400 girls in XCMG customer service center have been growing up with enthusiasm, professionalism and diligence, creating their own "Guinness record"

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