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Huanbao Technology Group successfully developed green packaging bottles

recently, Hong Kong Huanbao Technology Group successfully developed products such as smart, ultrabook, led and smart home appliances, which are the highlight of the electronic information and electrical appliance industry. Biaxially stretched BOPP heat-resistant plastic bottles have been built and put into production in Dongguan, Guangdong Province

after three years of hard work, the group uses high technology to produce BOPP plastic packaging bottles with recyclable and excellent performance. This kind of green environmental protection packaging bottle has the characteristics of high temperature resistance (95 ℃), acid and alkali resistance, high transparency, high strength, good chemical stability, water vapor barrier performance. Although the manufacturing and design technology has made progress, it has the characteristics of excellent quality, long storage period, stable quality, non fragile and portable, and it is safe and non-toxic, reaching the national food hygiene standard. This packaging bottle is suitable for the packaging of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, tea drinks, sports drinks and health drinks that need to be hot filled. It is an ideal and economical packaging container to replace tinplate cans and glass bottles. According to Mr. Li Weihong, the general manager of the group, the BOPP bottles produced by his company are used for hot filling non carbonated beverages, which not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also have low cost and high temperature resistance; There is no time limit for the storage period of bottles; There is no acetaldehyde precipitate in the bottle, which turns into high-quality 3D printing wire. Long term use will not damage human health

professor liuqinjin, School of food science, Southwest Agricultural University, and others conducted an experimental study on the shelf-life quality changes of biaxially stretched BOPP bottles used in tea beverage packaging; The results showed that the shelf life of tea drinks filled with BOPP bottles under strict hot filling conditions was more than half a year, which provided a scientific theoretical basis for the application of BOPP bottles in the packaging of non carbonated beverages

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