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Anti counterfeiting technology of tobacco and alcohol packaging (I)

the anti-counterfeiting of tobacco and alcohol packaging is a market that involves a wide range of areas and has high requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology. The application of anti-counterfeiting technology in the field of tobacco and alcohol packaging also brings vitality to the development of the anti-counterfeiting industry. Here, a comprehensive introduction is made to the development and application of various anti-counterfeiting technologies of tobacco and alcohol packaging, from anti-counterfeiting materials, anti-counterfeiting technology to modern anti-counterfeiting technology

I. application of anti-counterfeiting paper

anti counterfeiting paper refers to the use of special processes and equipment in the papermaking process to add anti-counterfeiting marks, such as watermark, safety wire, fluorescent fiber, etc. anti-counterfeiting paper can generally be divided into anti-counterfeiting watermark paper, anti-counterfeiting fiber paper, anti-counterfeiting safety wire paper, etc. and a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology combining several technologies

1. Anti counterfeiting watermark paper

its principle is to install a watermark pattern printing plate on the silk in the papermaking process, so that the pulp can form special paper with different thickness and density according to the pattern. Due to the different fiber density of the finished paper, the light transmittance is also different, so the designed pattern can be displayed

watermarks are mostly used in paper money, special certificates, passports, invoices, etc., and now some tobacco and wine packaging enterprises also use these technologies, such as the watermark dark grain anti-counterfeiting technology used in the logo of some cigarettes and Red Star Erguotou Wine of Huangguoshu group

2. Paper safety wire anti-counterfeiting

safety wire is an anti-counterfeiting measure in the manufacture of anti-counterfeiting paper. In the process of papermaking, special paper is specially made by embedding specific metal wires or polyester plastic wires in specific positions of the paper, printing lines, fluorescent lines and thermal safety lines of miniature characters. In addition, in the security line anti-counterfeiting printing, the printing processes such as miniature text printing, fluorescent color printing, colorless fluorescent printing, gold and silver ink printing, invisible buried colorless fluorescent printing can also be used for processing

in the tobacco and alcohol industry, a kind of heat sensitive safety line has recently appeared. When local heating is given with fingers, micro printed words will appear. For example, it can be used on the filter tip of cigarettes. The heat generated after touching or lighting a cigarette will make it show miniature words

3. Anti counterfeiting fiber paper

anti counterfeiting fiber is evenly added to the pulp during papermaking. After the paper is made, these anti-counterfeiting fiber wires can be seen in the paper through direct observation with the naked eye or after the visible fluorescence is excited by UV lamp, which can be used as one of the signs to identify the authenticity of the paper. Anti counterfeiting filaments include colored filaments that can be observed under the sun. Visible red, yellow, blue, green fluorescent colored filaments and colorless fluorescent filaments can be excited by long wave or short wave fluorescence irradiation

for example, white cardboard is used in the strip boxes and small boxes of "Hongtashan". It adds colored fibers in the papermaking process. After opening the package, you can see that there are colored fibers

4. Layered dyeing anti-counterfeiting paperboard

layered dyeing anti-counterfeiting paperboard is a new type of packaging anti-counterfeiting material. The anti-counterfeiting technology involved is a popular anti-counterfeiting technology, which does not need any expertise or any anti-counterfeiting technology that can be identified with the help of any instrument. There is an identification guide on the paper package (carton) made of anti-counterfeit cardboard. Consumers can easily identify it after tearing the carton according to the guide. The content of the introduction is generally "tear open the carton, and you can see three layers of dyed pulp in red, green and blue, and nothing is fake"

layered dyed paperboard is used to dye the internal pulp layer in the paper-making process, and the anti-counterfeiting function is extended to the paper-making process by using the tearing and grindability of the paperboard itself. However, any other external printing technology cannot be imitated, and this layered dyed paperboard has the properties of difficult imitation, easy identification, low cost and so on

two. Application of anti-counterfeiting inks

anti counterfeiting inks are special printing inks made by adding special anti-counterfeiting materials to the binder and processing through special processes. According to its functional classification, it can be divided into seven categories: the first category, UV excited fluorescent ink; The second type, sunlight excited color changing ink; The third category is heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink (thermochromism. This cold rolling mill has a variety of aluminum alloy rolling technology inks that are the earliest in the world, such as unique hydraulic roll bending, axial roll shifting, CVC roll shape curve imitation, etc.); Fourth, chemical reaction color changing ink; Fifth, intelligent machine readable (machine expert identification) anti-counterfeiting ink; The sixth category promotes Dongqing to become a provider of product technical solutions, multi-functional or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting inks (laser holographic and fluorescent anti-counterfeiting inks); The seventh category, other special inks, such as 0vi light refraction anti-counterfeiting inks. The second and third categories are widely used in tobacco and alcohol packaging

1. Sunlight excited discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink

under the continuous deepening of the green manufacturing demonstration under the irradiation of sunlight 1, the ink changes from colorless to colored (nm), but can be restored to colorless anti-counterfeiting ink after removing the light excitation. Printed on the anti-counterfeiting label, it can easily identify the true and false according to its color changing characteristics at different angles

the dynamic discoloration effect of photochromic ink prints cannot be copied by scanners, color copiers or other equipment. Its design and production technology are professional, and the production process is complex, which is difficult to copy. Photochromic ink can be applied to a variety of printing methods, such as flexographic printing, silk printing, gravure printing, and its anti-counterfeiting material has stable performance, can adapt to various temperatures and humidity, and has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, which can make consumers' identification more simple. When consumers buy, they can observe obvious color drift as long as the packaging box is tilted slightly. Some famous cigarette factories in China have used it for packaging anti-counterfeiting. For example, Yunnan Hongta Group and Hunan Changde cigarette factory have successively introduced this new ink anti-counterfeiting technology. When facing and looking sideways in Japanese light, the color block shows two pairs of color changes: green purple and green red. In addition, the label of Maotai liquor also adopts this technology, which can show the effect of three colors from different angles

2. Thermal anti-counterfeiting ink (thermochromic anti-counterfeiting ink or temperature change anti-counterfeiting ink)

under the action of heating, the ink that can change color can be divided into hand temperature color changing anti-counterfeiting ink and high temperature color changing anti-counterfeiting ink according to the different temperature required for color changing

hand temperature color changing ink refers to the ink that can change color under the temperature of 34 ℃ -36 ℃. High temperature color changing anti-counterfeiting ink refers to the ink that can change color under the temperature of 40 ℃ -100 ℃ or even higher. According to the color change difference, ink can be divided into single color change reversible, multi color change reversible, single color change irreversible and multi color change irreversible thermal anti-counterfeiting ink. China has developed several single color changing reversible inks. The color changing methods are: Rose Red becomes colorless, purple red becomes colorless, blue color becomes colorless, etc. it can also be designed to be colored into other colors. High temperature single color changing reversible anti-counterfeiting ink color changing methods include: black to red, red to black, etc. Irreversible heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting inks mainly change from colorless to red, colorless to black, etc. under the condition of 70-90 degrees

there are many thermochromic substances, but those that really meet the requirements for making thermochromic anti-counterfeiting inks must meet the following conditions:

1) high thermochromic sensitivity: it shows bright color changes in a short time, and the contrast between the front and back colors is high, such as red to blue, blue to white, yellow to blue, etc

2) the discoloration temperature is appropriate: the discoloration temperature should be controlled between 40 degrees and 100 degrees

3) good stability: under the influence of temperature,

humidity, light and other factors under different climatic conditions, the FRP/elastic element fatigue life testing machine is mainly used for the fatigue life tests of various bellows, FRP, elastic elements, etc. during the service life, and it is proved to be sensitive and effective

in practical use, we usually set the temperature point of discoloration to be close to the body temperature, so that we can identify the anti-counterfeiting mark by touching with both hands. This kind of ink can be recognized quickly and conveniently without advanced auxiliary equipment. Its printing methods are also very extensive, such as offset printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and silk printing. For example, on cigarettes, this kind of ink can be used to print on the filter tip. When it is touched by fingers, it will change color, so as to identify the authenticity. In addition, you can also print or apply this ink on some products that avoid high temperature. When the temperature rises, the color will change as a warning. Among the domestic gold leaf series of cigarettes, "special alcohol scattered flowers", red hard "scattered flowers" and Huangguoshu series of cigarettes use heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology

3. Development direction of anti-counterfeiting inks for tobacco and alcohol packaging

in the future, the development direction of anti-counterfeiting inks for tobacco and alcohol packaging will mainly be intelligent and multifunctional

intelligent anti-counterfeiting ink technology includes intelligent anti-counterfeiting ink and intelligent anti-counterfeiting discriminator. It is a high-tech product that combines a new spectral analysis technology (infrared spectrum, nuclear spectrum, weak fluorescence spectrum, magnetic spectrum, etc.) with computer technology. Intelligent anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly manifested in the multilateral nature of anti-counterfeiting materials (anti-counterfeiting printing oil, ink or glue, etc.). Anti counterfeiting materials belong to a variety of variable chemical substances, in which the nature, type, quantity, content, existence form and other information of characteristic compounds constitute the specificity and personality of anti-counterfeiting materials, and instruments for detecting materials are made according to this particularity

multifunctional or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting ink refers to the ink with two or more anti-counterfeiting functions at the same time. Typical examples of this kind of ink are laser holographic marking combined with fluorescent encryption anti-counterfeiting ink, as well as long and short wave intelligent anti-counterfeiting ink, sunlight fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, temperature variable fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, etc. The anti-counterfeiting ink technology can not only meet the needs of general public identification, but also meet the needs of government departments to monitor and arbitrate. Through the particularity of anti-counterfeiting information, we can accurately judge the authenticity, so that the first-line anti-counterfeiting and the second-line anti-counterfeiting can be combined to take the road of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology

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