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Huanggang major project construction "race against time"

release date: Source: Hubei

on May 8, the construction of the national traditional Chinese medicine warehousing and logistics base in Eastern Hubei Qichun was in full swing in Qichun County, Huanggang City

on the construction site of the 10000 ton Qiai warehouse storage and logistics processing center, machines roared, and the foundation construction of four plants was carried out simultaneously

an intensive and modern warehousing and logistics base is imminent

the project base covers an area of 80.86 mu, with a planned construction area of 71840.65 square meters. It is one of the 88 traceable authentic traditional Chinese medicine warehousing and logistics demonstration bases led by the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine across the country, and it is also the first of the three demonstration bases in Hubei Province. The project integrates warehousing, maintenance, traceability, inspection and testing, rough processing, packaging, sales and financing, and covers various functions such as trading, warehousing, transit, scientific research, testing, quality traceability, logistics processing, distribution, etc. after completion, it will become the storage and logistics center of traditional Chinese medicine with the most complete system and functions in Eastern Hubei, and the largest distribution center of wormwood and traditional Chinese medicine in Dabie Mountain and Eastern Hubei

"the production workshops of buildings 3 and 4 have successfully passed the acceptance of specific structural parts, and buildings 1 and 2 have been successfully capped according to the construction period. Now 43000 square meters of construction has been started, and it is expected to be put into operation in June." Chen Zhongwen, chairman of Hubei Huichun agricultural Co., Ltd., said that in order to catch up with the progress delayed by the epidemic, the construction party reversed the construction period and wall charts. The number of construction workers increased from 8 last year, so the rigidity of the main machine was low, and more than 0 people increased to more than 120 now. ③ data processing is modular, standardized, automated and has upgrading functions: workers start construction at 6 or 7 a.m. every day to ensure that the project is completed and put into production on schedule

at the same time, in Huanggang Industrial Park, Huangzhou District, the city, on the construction site of a new power fuel cell project, more than 100 workers worked overtime and were also working hard to "race against time"

"from the orderly resumption of work in mid March to the full resumption of work in early April, we timely adjusted the construction plan, increased the allocation of personnel and materials, and improved the overall efficiency by 30%." Liu Gang, the construction director of the project, said that at present, the main body of the plant has been capped and the internal decoration is under way, which can ensure the completion on schedule. The original projects have pressed the "restart button" and ran out of the "acceleration", and the new projects have also started construction in succession, with a promising prospect

Hubei all media learned that as early as March 30, Huanggang City held the centralized commencement activities of major projects in the first quarter of 2020, including "fighting the epidemic, making up for weaknesses, (determining which experiment to do according to the specific requirements of users) to stabilize growth". 77 major projects were launched synchronously in 10 counties and urban areas, with a total investment of 27.68 billion; On April 30, 53 major projects with an investment of more than 50 million in the ordinary application process were launched, with a total investment of 7.68 billion

on the morning of May 13, the "new pulse" of development added vitality. In 2020, the provincial transportation construction projects were launched in Huanggang sub venue. 51 projects in 11 counties and urban areas of the city, including national and provincial roads, rural roads, reconstruction of dangerous bridges, upgrading of rural roads, and station logistics, were launched in a centralized manner, with a total investment of 7.4 billion

it is understood that in 2020, of the 26 transportation projects with a total investment of 48.8 billion in Huanggang City, all the transportation projects under construction have resumed construction. The preparatory work of Yanji Yangtze River Bridge project is advancing rapidly. It will be constructed by franchising in June. The project investors will be determined by public bidding in accordance with the law, and strive to start construction at the end of June. With a total investment of 12.9 billion yuan, the project is an important part of the core hub system of Hubei International Logistics. It is of great significance for building Huanggang and Ezhou airport economic zones and promoting the integrated development of Wuhan, Hubei, Yellow River and Yellow River

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