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Hualing natural gas heavy truck Shanxi Success Guide: since March this year, on the highway from Taiyuan, Shanxi to Luliang Jiaocheng County, people often see many Hualing natural gas heavy trucks and mixers shuttling back and forth, busy transporting raw coal and gravel. The cabs of these cars are all marked with the eye-catching logo of CAMC, and the team has also become Jiaocheng County

since March this year, on the highway from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province to Jiaocheng County, Luliang, people often see many Valin natural gas heavy trucks and mixers shuttling back and forth, busy transporting raw coal and gravel. The cab of these cars is all marked with the eye-catching logo of "CAMC", and the team has also become a beautiful scenic spot on the highway of Jiaocheng County

Valin natural gas heavy truck brings considerable benefits

Shanxi is a major energy province and one of the major logistics provinces in China, with the number of heavy trucks in the forefront of the country. In recent years, in order to solve the problem of excessive economic dependence on coal and single energy structure, Shanxi Province has put forward the goal of "gasification of Shanxi", that is, to make full use of Shanxi's rich clean energy such as coalbed methane, coke oven gas, coal to natural gas and transit natural gas, and to increase the proportion of clean energy in Shanxi's energy consumption. Therefore, the natural gas truck market has developed rapidly. Some energy companies in Shanxi Province have established several gas filling stations, which provides sufficient energy supply for users who purchase natural gas heavy trucks

in order to seize the opportunity of Shanxi market, the sales staff of Valin Shanxi actively investigated the natural gas (LNG and CNG) vehicle market and focused on the vehicle purchase information of key customers in the region. After learning that a company in Jiaocheng County wanted to purchase LNG dump trucks in batches, Shanxi regional salesperson immediately introduced the Valin natural gas heavy truck with multiple advantages to users. It is understood that since this year, Valin has sold more than 20 natural gas dump trucks in Jiaocheng, followed by nearly 10 orders, in addition to 6 natural gas semi trailers and several natural gas mixers. At present, nearly 100 models of various types have been sold

as for the reasons for choosing natural gas vehicles, yaoxinping, chief engineer of Shanxi Longquan Hongsen industry and Trade Co., Ltd., a veteran user of Valin mixer, said that the choice of natural gas vehicles was also decided after comprehensive consideration. First of all, in terms of economic benefits, oil prices are rising year by year, while gas prices are relatively cheap. It is more cost-effective to use natural gas than diesel. Secondly, in terms of practicality, mixer trucks are short-distance transportation, and the transportation route is relatively fixed, which is very suitable for gas vehicles. In addition, the use of gas vehicles is in line with the national policy, and they are also used all over the country. The problem that we were worried about not being able to add gas has now been solved. Gas stations are being built all over the country, which also strengthens our determination to buy natural gas vehicles. In the long-term use process, we have made a comparison between the cost of fuel and gas. After comparison, it is found that gas can save one third of the cost of fuel in January! Moreover, Valin Xingma mixer has high attendance and low failure rate, which has brought considerable economic benefits to the company

the author learned that after the sale of Valin cars, after more than a month of operation statistics, the round trip mileage from Taiyuan to Jiaocheng is about 150 kilometers when the equipment has serious failure. The fuel cost of each car per trip is reduced from the original 420 yuan to 315 yuan, and the cost of each trip is saved by about 105 yuan. At least two rounds a day can save at least 210 yuan. Users all sighed that in the future, we will gradually eliminate the existing fuel vehicles and continue to buy Valin natural gas vehicles

cultivate key customers and strive to promote long-term strategic cooperation

Shanxi used to occupy the top three market in heavy truck regional sales, but it has been full of chill in the past two years. It is understood that due to the implementation of economic transformation in Shanxi, part of the coal transported to other provinces has been changed into this province. 3. Move the limit clamp of the extension ruler to contact with the pointer of the extension ruler for power generation, and transmit the power to other provinces. As a result, the outward transportation volume of Shanxi coal is reduced, and the demand for heavy trucks is reduced. In the "cold" market environment, how did Valin Taiyuan salesperson

grasp large users and achieve a breakthrough in the natural gas market and a sharp increase in product sales

Shi Yunfeng, the regional sales director of Valin Shanxi, told the author that another important reason for the decline of Shanxi heavy truck market in recent years is the increasing efforts to control overload in Shanxi. In the past three years, the overload rate has decreased from 13% before treatment to less than 0.2%, which is much lower than the national target of 6%. It is the demand of transportation enterprises to maximize economic benefits without overloading. Due to the limited licensing of the national third heavy truck, customers have begun to buy the national fourth heavy truck. Compared with the natural gas heavy truck, the natural gas heavy truck has a great advantage in cost performance

Shi Yunfeng said that previously, heavy truck vehicles were overloaded severely, because when the oil truck was overloaded, the horsepower was sufficient and the explosive force was strong. When going uphill, the power of the oil truck was stronger, and the explosive force of natural gas was weaker than that of the oil truck, so users were more inclined to choose the oil truck. Now overloading is not allowed, and the original advantages of oil vehicles have been infinitely reduced. In addition, Shanxi gas station has developed rapidly in recent years, which can basically meet the gas filling needs of vehicles. In addition, since this year, under the background of high oil prices and rising personnel costs, logistics and transportation costs have been rising, but transportation costs have not increased much, so customers have turned to buying natural gas heavy trucks

Shi Yunfeng also said that Valin LNG dump truck has a very prominent bright spot: 450L gas cylinder can make the endurance capacity reach 300 kilometers, which can save about 25% of the fuel cost compared with diesel vehicles. It can be said that the excellent quality of Valin heavy truck products captured the users, and the outstanding economy of natural gas vehicles moved the users. Heavy truck enterprises and all sectors of society also generally believe that natural gas heavy truck is an important development direction, but a key problem is restricting the development of the market. At the beginning of the launch of natural gas vehicles, "heavy truck users are worried that if I buy a car, where can I refill it? And the gas source unit is concerned that plastic has occupied a major position in automotive interior products. I invested a lot of money to build a gas station. Is there a car to refill it? Will it cause a waste of resources? No one will do a loss making business, nor do they want to do it." Shi Yunfeng said. In the face of this practical problem, the sales staff of Valin Shanxi took the initiative to give full play to the brand role of "nanny service" of Valin automobile, adopted a point-to-point approach, introduced users to the "gas station" together with dealers, provided a stable source of customers to the "gas station", and also gave the "gas station" confidence to continue to expand its scale, solved the worries of both sides, and finally formed and attached importance to the virtuous circle of computer control of the machine. Shi Yunfeng said, "in the natural gas heavy truck market," in the early stage, we are pushing, and in the later stage, we will attract users. At present, this effect has begun to appear. "

natural gas heavy trucks have great prospects in the future.

Natural Gas heavy trucks have become an important development direction of commercial vehicles, and will have great prospects in the future

take the tractor as an example, "although the price of natural gas heavy trucks is tens of thousands of yuan higher than that of ordinary Guosan fuel vehicles, the extra vehicle purchase cost can be recovered in half a year based on the fuel-saving performance." A Shanxi natural gas heavy truck user calculated an account like this

in recent years, natural gas vehicles have been rapidly popularized and promoted worldwide with their good environmental protection and cost advantages. According to the statistics of the international natural gas Automobile Association, the average annual growth rate of natural gas vehicles has reached 27.3% in the past decade

with the construction of long-distance pipelines and the improvement of gas supply conditions, natural gas vehicles have developed rapidly in China. Relevant data show that the number of natural gas vehicles in China will reach 1.5 million by 2015 and 3million by 2020. After several years of development, the product technology of natural gas heavy trucks in China has been very mature. More and more domestic enterprises participate in the competition in the natural gas heavy truck market and develop natural gas tractors, dump trucks, cement mixers and other models. China has initially established a complete natural gas vehicle technology chain and industrial chain. The localization of gas station equipment, engines and auto supporting parts has significantly reduced the investment in natural gas vehicles, providing a good support for the large-scale development of natural gas vehicles

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