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Huandi park builds the city's "Green Necklace"

release date: Source: Heze

recently, the Huandi Park section located on Caozhou road in the urban area has been opened to the public, with uneven and orderly trees, elegant and unique pavilions, and exquisite bridges. Although it is late winter, it still presents a beautiful and pleasing scenery. "The reconstructed Huandi park is really new. The scenery here is good, the air is new, and it looks comfortable. I come here every morning for morning exercises." Dimensions of citizens living nearby: (L × W × H)445 × four hundred and twenty-five × Mr. 525mm said. It is reported that up to now, 1/3 of the Huandi park has been officially opened to the public

the ring Dike Park is built next to the ring dike of Heze's old city. It is a major livelihood project to improve the urban environment and enhance the city's image. With a total length of 14.6 kilometers, it focuses on building a green corridor full of vitality, ecology and style in the city center. The planned area is more than 4000 mu, involving more than 10000 households within 50 meters inside the embankment and 100 meters outside the embankment, with a construction area of more than 2 million square meters

in order to ensure the completion of Huandi park on schedule, Mudan District has set up four sub headquarters under the command of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee with four urban offices in the East, West, North and South as units. More than 3000 cadres have been transferred to the front-line demolition site day and night. Now all the demolition tasks have been completed, ensuring the smooth construction of this popular project

since the launch of Huandi Park, Nancheng section has been the first to start construction. The total length of this section is 3.6 kilometers, involving 7 communities and more than 1500 households. Up to now, muck removal and transportation, sewage interception pipeline laying, river dredging and widening, river revetment construction and other projects are nearly completed, 29500 meters of garden road structural layer has been completed, 22360 trees have been planted, 8420 square meters of safety accidents have been avoided by paving square 3, 19 public toilets have been completed, and 18 embankment pavilions have been built. The prototype of the park has emerged, attracting citizens to take a walk and relax

"Lotus Lake and Wetland Park, LOHAS health park, embankment Memorial Park and other 'one lake and three parks' are planned to be built in the Nancheng section of Huandi Park, focusing on creating an ecological experience area." Li Jinglei, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nancheng street, introduced that this section will connect zhaowanghe ecological park, Baihua Park, zhushuihe Park, embankment Memorial Park, Lianhua Lake and other ecological landscapes, and an ecological new Nancheng formed by the embankment is about to emerge

the Xicheng section from Zhonghua Road in Huandi park to Caozhou road was the first to be built and opened to the outside world. The path surrounded by green grass, the river with gentle clear water, and the embankment slope with beautiful flowers all make people stop to enjoy. Everyone can take a walk, relax, or exercise and entertainment, and become a good place for the surrounding people after dinner. At present, other parts of the Xicheng section are also under intense construction

the east city of Huandi park has increased by 53% over 2018, and the length of the upper section is 4.9 kilometers. He evaluates the characteristics of the tested materials and oils by electromechanical driving the reciprocating motion of the friction pair, involving 1929 households and 6 enterprises and institutions in 6 communities, making it extremely difficult to demolish. Since the start of the collection, the headquarters of Dongcheng section and Dongcheng sub district office have worked together and actively played their part, and set up a special assistance team to provide comprehensive services such as moving and renting houses for the masses; Organize expert groups on difficult problems, make good use of policies, fairly define and solve problems for the remaining difficult problems. At the same time, we will distribute clear papers to the masses in time, organize the household publicity of veteran cadres, guide residents to move voluntarily and safely, and speed up the signing of agreements. At present, all residents along the embankment have been demolished. The east section of Huandi Park focuses on creating two theme landscapes, "bize autumn wind" and "ancient charm flowing", and plans to build bize lake, folk art park and celebrity Park, "one lake and two parks"

according to Zhang Qiang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Beicheng street, the Beicheng section of Huandi Park starts from Mudan road in the East and ends at the west of the turntable in the west, with a total length of more than 4 kilometers, involving 977 households in 7 communities in Beicheng district. "Beicheng street takes the regional drive as the breakthrough, and according to the principles of piecemeal coordination, overall command and comprehensive promotion, all project departments work overtime to make a breakthrough." Zhang Qiang said that he was the first to start the construction of the "splendid official hall" among the five lakes and ten scenic spots. At present, the river widening, sewage pipeline construction, and the construction of the Garden Road on the top of the embankment have been basically completed, and vegetation greening operations are under way

a relic corridor of a century old levee, an ecological green levee to experience nature, a cultural water chain to inherit history, and a new ring Dike Park that is about to glow, make the pattern of the ancient city of "outer circle and inner side" more eye-catching, carrying historical memories, showing the style of the times, describing the future picture, and become a "Green Necklace" of the city

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