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Huangpu Customs 12360 call center girls trained in "the strongest brain"

in the morning of March 8, a new day of Huangpu Customs 12360 studio was opened one after another, and the plaque of provincial women's civilization post glittered in the sun. The girls are a little different from the past, with a little more excitement on their smiling faces on weekdays. It turned out that they had just received a generous gift: 1. They formed a good situation of hand-in-hand development and going hand in-hand.2360 has been recommended by the provincial women's working committee to the Guangdong Women's Federation to participate in the evaluation of national women's civilized posts

sharpen a sword in seven years. On September 28, 2010, Huangpu Customs 12360 was officially opened. Over the past seven years, they have answered 165000 calls and 42000 consulting questions, with a response rate of 100%. Through these channels, the immediate response rate can meet the requirements of different experimental frequencies by 96%, and the overall satisfaction rate of the outside world remains above 96%; In March, 2014, she won the title of Guangdong Provincial Women's civilized post; In December 2016, it won the title of Guangdong youth civilization

the girls each have a pile of notebooks, memorizing the customs declaration. If they feel that they can check the crime list, enterprise management, customs statistics, customs taxes, travel and mail supervision, cross-border e-commerce, intellectual property protection, processing trade and other customs knowledge base of more than 400000 words, there is only one purpose: to train the strongest brain and provide the best service. In the national customs 12360 post large-scale training Pan Pearl River Delta four province competition, the female man of Huangpu Customs passed the customs and won the collective second prize, and participated in the national finals on behalf of the competition

just after the Spring Festival last year, the studio welcomed several guests holding brocade flags. As soon as they entered the door, they said: Thank seat 5806 for helping us with our patient and meticulous service! It turned out that their company had just been transformed into a foreign-funded enterprise with imported materials, and it was unable to provide a new enterprise fire protection and environmental protection certificate when the customs handled the manual establishment business. What do you need to know? The Spring Festival is approaching, and enterprises are anxious to ask for help. 5806 he Yongxin is a cute post-90s girl (+ pay attention to CTI forum number ctiforumnews). After carefully understanding the situation of the enterprise, she believes that the enterprise can apply the preferential policies of local transformation and use the old fire protection and environmental protection certificate. After consulting and confirming with the backstage experts, the enterprise was finally guided to successfully handle the customs business with the old fire protection and environmental protection certificate in a relatively short time and deliver the goods on time

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