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Hualing Lianyungang group 1 won the benchmarking competition for six months in a row

Hualing Lianyungang group 1 won the benchmarking competition for six months in a row

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in early September, when class A in the steelmaking workshop of 210 converter plant received the benchmarking Competition Award in August from the factory union, the staff of this class seemed to be used to it. Because, after all, they won this award for six consecutive months. With regard to the "calm" pace of winning the prize in this class, Luo Bo, the shift leader of Jiaheng class, spoke out the aspirations of all steelmakers: "I've been ranked first for six consecutive months, and I can't do it with few hard skills."

so, what are the "hard skills" of class a converter

the focus of team construction is to give full play to the enthusiasm of each team member. In addition to establishing a sound reward and punishment system, the class also launched a post rotation training mechanism to encourage the shift members in auxiliary positions to adhere to the two cutting-edge new material key positions of gun operator and main steelmaker every day, and operate one or two heats of steel in one shift. In this way, the shift members not only understand the operation skills of steel-making core, but also understand the importance of their post work and how to better cooperate with gun operator and main steelmaker, Making a good furnace of high-quality molten steel not only improves the overall operation level of the team, but also mobilizes the enthusiasm and initiative of all team members to achieve the effect of "1+1 is greater than 2"

"make careful preparations for steelmaking. Only when the preparations are done well and carefully can steel be made." Zhu Zhenlai, the main steelmaker, unreservedly sued every steelmaker who came to learn lessons except in March. He said that before the first shift of class A and the opening of a furnace of steel, everyone should carefully confirm the steel-making conditions related to their posts, and timely feed back and solve problems if found

in order to improve the hit rate of medium carbon steel with high drawing carbon, reduce oxygen consumption and cost, the gun operator of this shift pays close attention to the composition and temperature of molten iron, and adjusts the loading amount in time when the heat is insufficient; The main steelmaker pays attention to the liquid level height and the decarburization speed at the end of the last shift, and determines the smelting operation mode of this furnace of steel; The alloying worker checks the set height of the auxiliary gun to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data; The operator shall confirm the actual weight of molten iron and the type of scrap, and grasp the measurement opportunity of auxiliary gun. Zhu Zhenlai said, "when the preparatory work is in place, process control is a matter of course."

don't "detour" in case of difficulties. In case of abnormalities in production, do not open the oil delivery valve, avoid asking the rib question of gb/t 5280 (2) 002 self tapping screw because of avoiding assessment, and ambush in operation, but solve it in time to minimize the impact. The plant has been implementing the Q235B straight up continuous casting process, and there has always been the problem of continuous casting stopper rising and even casting breaking. According to the analysis of the team, the stopper rising is caused by more Al2O3 slag inclusions in molten steel. After work, the staff of this shift explored the smelting method of using silicon deoxidation to reduce Al2O3 slag inclusion. Through tracking and understanding the status of continuous casting and steel pouring, they reflected and improved the operation, and gradually improved the silicon deoxidation smelting process. Since this year, Q235B straight steel has basically not experienced plug rod expansion

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