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Huamei biological broke the dominance of domestic propylene glycol DuPont

learned that Zhangjiagang Huamei biomaterials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huamei) invested by Softbank China Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Softbank China) was officially opened

according to this newspaper, this figure of Huamei Company is expected to double this year. The company mainly produces 65000 tons of PDO (propylene glycol) and BDO (butanediol) products. Previously, only DuPont company had to click the stop button to exit the experimental state immediately to produce PDO. Therefore, after the project of Huamei Company was put into operation, it also marked the emergence of domestic companies with the production capacity of such products. In addition, PTT fiber is a downstream product of PDO, which is mainly used to develop high-grade clothing and functional fabrics. Huamei biology also has a PPT production line

different from similar chemical products made by other peers, the PDO synthesis method of Huamei Company uses glycerol as raw material, which does not occupy petrochemical and food resources, and is more environmentally friendly. In short, the core of its technology is to extract biodiesel conditioning and clamping speed knob oil from plant seeds and seaweed, and biodiesel will produce 10% of the by-product - crude glycerin, and then turn it into PDO through the biological metabolism of crude glycerin. Because PDO can then be transformed into high-performance polymers such as PTT, PTT can be more environmentally friendly than nylon polymers. In the next two years, the annual sales revenue of Huamei Company is expected to reach billion yuan

Softbank China's current portfolio includes information technology, clean technology, medical and health care, others (high-end consumption and manufacturing, including new materials), etc. in terms of new materials, its invested projects include Primavera, Huamei, etc

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