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how to choose and buy table lamps to protect eyes. Rooms with different purposes should be equipped with lights with different effects. For example, the living room should choose bright lighting, while the bedroom should not choose too beautiful lamps. For a company, both cash flow and current accounts are the lifeblood of its survival and development. In order to protect the company's economic privacy and avoid Feng Shui damage, the financial office is set up in a more private part of the company. After observing the environment outside the window, the ideal scheme for setting up a desk indoors is: Zhongwang desk launched the R & D project of 7075 aviation extruded bar; After 2015, there is a solid wall, a window on the left, and a beautiful natural scenery through the window, which forms a working environment with beautiful scenery, good lighting and suitable ventilation. Working in such an environment, I am smart, enthusiastic and efficient. The door is opened on the right corner in front of the desk, and it is not easy to be disturbed by the noise outside the door and watched by others. If the door of the writing room is opened in the upper left corner, the writing desk can also be adjusted accordingly, and the effect is as good, not affected by the so-called Zodiac auspicious direction. There are two points to pay attention to when placing the desk. First, pay attention not to face the desk directly into the door. Second, we should pay attention to the people sitting behind the desk to have the support of the wall, and there can be no unnecessary emptiness

consumers usually don't know much about the internal technology of desk lamps (mainly including ballasts, lamp caps/tubes), and they are often dazzled when shopping. Sometimes they have to make choices based on price, style and color, which has a certain blindness. In fact, when buying, just pay attention to the following points:

Huangpu water electrical pipeline installation manufacturers should first look at the light, (1) the brightness is stable and no flicker; (2) Soft light; (3) The light is relatively uniform, not a very small point light source; But you should know that safety and practicality are the first. Only by considering the problems in the above links clearly, can we make the most ideal personalized lighting customization according to the actual needs of consumers. What's more, the labor cost of installation and painting is also taken as a charging content to let consumers pay again. Due to the limitation of professional knowledge, consumers often can't identify the secret, and can't tell the reason why this quotation is unreasonable, so they have to pay. In fact, this itemized pricing is easy to repeat billing, making most consumers "slaughtered" do not know what is going on. Install armrests and chairs for the elderly. In the steaming bathroom, sitting is safer than standing. There are specially designed shower equipment with seats and armrests, and there are also special seats in the bathroom for family use. Installing handrails in sprinklers, bathtubs and aisles can maximize the safety of the elderly and people with mobility difficulties

(4) the design of lamps/lampshades is reasonable, without glare (bright spots visible to the eyes). Some lampshades have built-in lattice reflectors, which effectively reduces the contrast between illuminated areas and non illuminated areas. 2、 Lighting analysis. Lighting not only plays a lighting role for hotels, but also is regarded as an ornament. Although it is an ornament, it needs to use very complex technology, which can create an ideal lighting environment. We only need to choose according to the area and decoration style of our living room. With the development of society, many lamps and lanterns gradually appear in our life, enriching our life. Sky lantern is a kind of household appliance that is used more frequently now, and it is also more convenient to use. In fact, there are many brands of sky lanterns. If you buy ceiling lamps with poor quality, the gains will not be worth the losses. Next, we recommend a product with high quality and low price, which is ceiling lamp. You are also curious about sky lanterns. Lighting installation needs to comply with the lighting principles, and the room lighting is not just to illuminate the room, but to do according to certain principles and requirements, so as to have a good decorative effect and reflect the lighting function. 1、 Lighting lighting must ensure the realization of different lighting required for various activities. No matter what kind of activities, such as writing, playing games, resting, receiving guests, etc., there should be corresponding lights. High molecular materials can also play an important role in water resources protection, fresh water preparation and collection

the second thing for Huangpu water electrical pipeline installation manufacturers is to see certificates. Product certificates and safety certificates should be complete, and there should be the national safety compulsory certification mark CCC, which is often referred to as the 3C certification mark. These documents are actually a way for specialized agencies to check for consumers. In the context of the improvement of current consumption level, more and more people are not satisfied with the existing lighting customization. Therefore, personalized lighting customization according to the specific space matching becomes more and more important. In addition, too messy furnishings are also taboo in the lobby, otherwise the whole company system will appear disorderly. It is also inappropriate to have a mirror in the lobby to shine outward. Although some companies have a mirror in the lobby, it represents that the mirror is hanging high, which can absorb good luck and eliminate evil spirit, but it also means that it repels guests. Therefore, the mirror should not be looked directly at the outside, and it is OK to look sideways. Like residence, the lobby of the office is the air intake of the whole space, and its design will have a decisive impact on the pattern of the whole office, so it must be carefully considered. The entrance hall should be avoided. The door should not be opposite to the "tiger head". The door of the office cannot be directly opposite to the "tiger head" or the chimney. The so-called "tiger head" refers to the sharp corner of another building or a special building. If the gate happens to be facing the corner or prominent building, it is unfavorable. Open the side door to make up for the transportation. When the office does not go through the prosperous transportation, if the space allows, you can open the side door to achieve the effect of rush transportation and make up transportation. However, it should be appropriate to open only one side door. Remember not to open too many side doors

the installation manufacturer of Huangpu water electrical pipeline should look at the third use. The use and maintenance methods should be simple and easy to replace the lamp cap. The lamp cap must be replaceable, and it is best to use commonly used standard interfaces (such as E27 thick lamp cap, E14 thin lamp cap, g9/g4 pin lamp beads, as shown in the figure below), so that in case the lamp cap is broken, it is easy to replace the lamp cap

Huangpu water electrical pipeline installation manufacturers should fourth look at after-sales service, and must have a maintenance address and. It is important to choose a good lamp, but we should pay special attention to the use of the lamp to ensure that the brightness and uniformity of the light in the eye gaze area are appropriate, neither high nor low

precautions for the use of eye protection table lamps of Huangpu water electrical pipeline installation manufacturer. Table lamps mainly provide local lighting, and special attention should be paid to two aspects when using:

(1) the brightness and uniformity of light in the irradiation area should conform to the actual eye use, which is particularly important for long-term and close eye use (such as reading/writing). It should be noted that different eye conditions (such as general activities, leisure reading, reading and writing) have different requirements for the brightness and uniformity of light in the target area, and there are detailed numerical provisions in the national standard. However, the types of light sources, the power of light sources, the shapes of light sources and Lampshades used by desk lamps vary greatly, making it difficult to control the actual brightness and uniformity of the target area. It simply didn't hurt personnel and damage the brightness of equipment for light, which is an important indicator and uniformity to measure its electrical insulation ability, because the general visual inspection is subjective and biased. Therefore, when adjusting the light, we should use the brightness monitoring tools such as eye protection light pen. 1、 Brand effect. The modern simple style lamps of bedroom lamps are affected by the brand, size, materials and other aspects, and the price gap is very large. The performance and stability of some old brand lamps are better, and the natural price is higher. Below, the decoration company will see through some common traps of model houses for you. After reading them, no matter you look at or buy a house, you will never be fooled in the future! The size of the model house is a problem. When looking at the model house, buyers should make clear whether it is an entity model house or a temporary model house. Generally speaking, the area, floor height, balcony size and so on of the entity model house will not have much problem. But model houses are not necessarily. The area of model houses has generally become larger. What pitfalls exist in this. Change the wall: bad businesses will change the thickness of the wall at the cost of making the space area of the model room look larger; Furniture slimming: the furniture in the model room is specially customized, and the size is smaller than that in the general store. The normal width of the double bed should reach 1.5 meters, while many of the double beds in the model room are 1.35 meters. When looking at the house, because of its daily nature, it pays more attention to the use function, but ignores its size; Extensive use of reflective materials: the extensive use of reflective design regardless of space and place, such as the use of glass, mirrors and other elements will make the model room "look bigger", but in real life, if the poor use of reflective materials will make people feel illusory, affecting home comfort

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