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Hefei launched the market regulation action of fire-fighting products such as fire-fighting paint

Hefei launched the market regulation action of fire-fighting products such as fire-fighting paint

February 28, 2008

worm gear reducer (now many products have combined deceleration and electromechanical) [China paint information] the quality of fire-fighting products is directly related to social public safety and the safety of people's lives and property. In order to combat illegal business practices, Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of regular fire-fighting product manufacturers, but not all experimental machines are suitable for flexible packaging materials. According to the unified deployment of the provincial fire brigade, Hefei fire brigade will concentrate on the centralized rectification of the city's fire-fighting products for 20 days from February 25

it is understood that there are 188 enterprises engaged in the production, sales and installation of formal fire-fighting products in Hefei, involving more than 100 varieties of fire-fighting products in 20 categories, and more than 120 fire extinguisher maintenance enterprises. In the process of market operation, some local and foreign enterprises are engaged in vicious competition to seize market share, and the phenomenon of competitive price reduction is becoming more and more serious. Disorderly competition leads to a mixed situation in the fire product market. In order to regulate the market behavior of fire-fighting products, crack down on fake and inferior fire-fighting products from the source and prevent the production of unqualified fire-fighting projects, Hefei fire brigade will focus on the production of fire doors, fire-fighting coatings, fire dampers or smoke exhaust fire dampers, fire emergency lamps, lined fire hoses and indoor fire hydrants, as well as fire extinguisher maintenance enterprises and fire-fighting products in Hefei from February 25 Sales enterprises should carry out special inspections to crack down on counterfeits

it is understood that the special rectification action will last for 20 days, which will be uniformly deployed by the detachment and organized and implemented by each fire brigade. The detachment requires all brigades to strictly refer to national standards in the special rectification, strictly investigate and deal with products that do not conform to the market access system, adulterate, fake as true, shoddy as good, and counterfeit or counterfeit other people's registered trademarks. The cylinder body adopts the commodity name, packaging, decoration of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting materials, uses other people's enterprise name or name without authorization, forges or falsely uses certification marks, and forges the origin, And use advertisements or other methods to make misleading false publicity of commodities and other illegal acts, and ban unlicensed production and business activities. The fire department shall seriously deal with the fake and substandard fire-fighting products found in the inspection in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations

after the spot check, the detachment will uniformly send the spot checked fire-fighting products to the National Inspection Center for inspection, and publish the inspection results through the media. The detachment will punish the unqualified products according to law. In addition, according to the arrangement, the detachment will focus on burning a batch of fake and inferior fire-fighting products on March 15 to crack down on illegal acts

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