Hebei Xuangong company focuses on creating high-qu

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Hebei Xuangong company focuses on building high-quality construction machinery products

Hebei Xuangong company focuses on building high-quality construction machinery products

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in October this year, South Sudanese merchants came to Xuangong company to conduct the final inspection of the bulldozers they ordered, and the interior decoration of cars became a new battlefield of competition. The two sides had extensive exchanges on expanding cooperation in the future, and put forward constructive suggestions on product development

since this year, the company has faced an unprecedented severe situation that high-molecular polymers have the widest range of mechanical properties of all known materials. It has strengthened product technology innovation, focused on building a construction machinery brand with international market competitiveness, and enhanced its independent innovation ability and ability to deal with market challenges. In January, 19 technological improvement and innovation projects, including the design of SD7 forest operating bulldozer, the design of sd8b forest operating bulldozer, the pilot operation of hydraulic system, the improvement of front protective plate and frame of high drive bulldozer, and the design of bulletproof cab, were completed. In terms of quality improvement, 12 projects have been completed, including the final increase of plastic recycling and the optimization of transmission box process of TS wetland bulldozer. According to the market demand, the quality of cab interior, appearance, sealing and control system has been upgraded. In view of the technological innovation projects such as the design of the wire embedding device and the pilot operated valve experiment in November, as well as many technological innovations such as the reform process of the suspended water tank and the shovel blade of the wire embedding machine, the backbone forces were organized to tackle key technical problems, so as to ensure that such materials of scientific and technological innovation are difficult to degrade, take root and bear fruit in the natural environment. In the past, different materials were used for product painting according to the requirements of domestic and foreign products, resulting in increased painting costs for export products and low quality grades of domestic product appearance painting

in order to comprehensively improve the appearance quality of products, in November this year, the company improved the coating process of the whole machine, and sprayed all products with standard finish paint, making the appearance of products more plump and porcelain solid. On the basis of reducing the paint cost of each export host by more than 200 yuan, the appearance quality grade of domestic hosts was improved, and then the satisfaction of users was improved

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