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Hefei anqing passenger dedicated line will be shortened to 40 minutes when Hefei anqing passenger dedicated line starts construction today

Hefei anqing passenger dedicated line will be shortened to 40 minutes when Hefei anqing passenger dedicated line starts construction today

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following the official commencement of the Shang Hehang high-speed railway, the construction of Hefei anqing passenger dedicated line, another high-speed railway trunk line in Anhui Province during the 13th five year plan, will also kick off. The author learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission yesterday that this morning, ha'an passenger dedicated line will officially start construction in Tongcheng. According to the plan, there are 8 stations in the whole line of he'an passenger dedicated line, and the first station in Hefei will be the new west station to be built in the future. With the opening of Ning'an high-speed railway, there are bullet trains from Hefei to Anqing, but due to the need to transfer from Tongling, it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the annual tax payment of 200million yuan. It is expected that the direct route of Hefei Anshan passenger dedicated line will realize the interconnection between the two cities in 40 minutes, and the operation time from Hefei to Nanchang will also be shortened to two hours

The author learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission that he'an passenger dedicated line is the first high-speed railway project in Anhui Province, with a total length of 162.58 kilometers, a total investment of 33.4 billion yuan, a design speed of 350 kilometers/hour, a planned transportation capacity of 50million people/year, and a total construction period of 48 months. It is understood that this line leads from the new Hefei West Railway Station, passes through Feixi, Shucheng, Lujiang, Tongcheng, Huaining and other cities and counties, and finally arrives at the new anqing West Railway Station. There are 8 stations in the whole line, including new Hefei West, Hefei West, Zhuxi, Feixi, Shucheng East, lujiangxi, Tongcheng East and Shuanggang. In other words, after the opening of Hefei to traffic in the future, Hefei can take the high-speed railway in the direction of Anqing, whether from the new Hefei west railway station or Hefei West Railway Station

Hefei to Nanchang is shortened to 2 hours

at present, Hefei to Anqing has achieved bullet train access, up to 8 pairs per day. However, due to the need to transfer from Tongling to Ning'an high-speed railway, the whole line takes at least 1 hour and 38 minutes, which is not obvious compared with cars. The he'an high-speed railway of he'an passenger dedicated line will run straight from Hefei to the southwest, and involves a high-speed railway with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, which is expected to be accessible in 40 minutes after its opening. At the same time, the he'an high-speed railway is a part of the he'an Kowloon (Jiujiang) and the most important fast railway line connecting Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. Anqing Jiujiang section is set with Qianshan south station, Taihu east station, Susong station, Huangmei station to Jiujiang station. After completion, it will only take Hefei to Jiujiang in more than one hour, and then connect with the Chang Jiu passenger dedicated line, Chang Ji Gan passenger dedicated line and Gan Shen passenger dedicated line at the southern end. The distance from Hefei to Nanchang will be shortened to about 2 hours, and the fastest distance from Hefei to Shenzhen will be only about 6 hours

or part of Chengdu Beijing Kowloon high speed railway

according to the current high-speed railway traffic map of Anhui Province, the Hefei Anyang high speed railway of Hefei Anyang passenger dedicated line will connect with the Shang Hefei Hangzhou Railway * recycled cotton at the north end: thermal insulation and sound-absorbing materials for carpets, Hefei Bengal high speed railway, Hefei Fuzhou high speed railway, and the south end in Anqing area will be connected with anjiu, Changjiu, Changji Jiangxi, Jiangxi Shenzhen, Hangzhou Changsha and other fast passenger railways. According to the railway department, the final route map of the Beijing Kowloon high-speed railway, which has attracted the attention of the whole country, has not been fully determined. At present, there are two kinds of plans for the "East-West line" in Anhui. The Shanghe Hangzhou and he'an Kowloon high-speed railway centered on Hefei is the east line, while the west line is from Fuyang through Macheng, Huangmei and other places to Jiujiang

no effect. According to the plan, the Shang He hang high-speed railway and he'an high-speed railway to be built during the 13th Five Year Plan period in Anhui Province are both 350 km/h. according to the environmental impact assessment publicity of Beijing Ba railway and Changji Jiangxi passenger dedicated line, the speed design is also determined to be 350 km/h. Therefore, whether from the access to the city or the speed design, the he'an high-speed railway is very promising to be an important section of the Beijing Kowloon Railway. If the eastern route mode is adopted, the Beijing Kowloon high-speed railway may pass through Bozhou, Fuyang, Huainan, Hefei and Anqing

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