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Hebei, a strong photovoltaic manufacturing province, is also a "weak province" of photovoltaic power generation. The "golden sun demonstration project" is the most important incentive and Subsidy Plan for the central government to encourage domestic photovoltaic power generation to be used at present. Recently, relevant ministries and commissions announced the subsidy policies and project list of the golden sun project in 2012, which showed that the subsidy standard fell sharply, but the subsidy installed capacity tripled. It is also noted that Hebei, as a strong province in photovoltaic manufacturing, is also a "weak province" in photovoltaic power generation. 1. Placing a sample (a single ball) on the center of the lower platen

The subsidy policy jointly issued by the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology and the National Energy Administration said that the total installed capacity of China's golden sun demonstration project subsidy this year was 1.7 GW, with rapid growth. In contrast, the installed capacity of the leading phase of the golden sun project in 2009 was only 642 MW (1 GW =1000 MW), and the third phase of the project last year was only 600 MW. The scale of this year is nearly three times that of last year

as we all know, the global photovoltaic market has entered a cold winter since the second half of last year, and the price of solar cell modules (commonly known as "panels") has plummeted. The three ministries and commissions said in the document that considering the reduction of the construction cost of photovoltaic power generation system, the subsidy standard for user side photovoltaic power generation projects this year is determined to be 5.5 yuan per watt

in 2011, the construction subsidy standard of the golden sun project was reduced from 9 yuan to 8 yuan per watt. At the beginning of this year, the subsidy standard of the above three ministries and commissions in 2012 was expected to be 7 yuan. In contrast, the unit subsidy standard for photovoltaic power generation projects this year will be 30% lower than last year. However, because the scale has tripled, the subsidy funds provided by the government will still increase significantly. Industry insiders said that this shows that the central government's positive incentive policy for domestic photovoltaic applications has not changed

- Hebei six projects were selected

the Ministry of Finance announced the 2012 golden sun project list that will receive government construction subsidies on the official website. According to the list, six projects of six companies in Hebei Province were selected, including the "roof photovoltaic power generation project in Baoding National High tech Industrial Development Zone (phase III)" of Baoding Yingli group, the roof photovoltaic power generation project of Hebei Jinglong group in Ningjin County, and the "photovoltaic power generation project in Yongqing high tech sunshine agricultural industry demonstration zone (phase I)" of Langfang Xinao photovoltaic Integration Co., Ltd. The other three projects involve Baoding Juli new energy company, Beijing JINZI Tianzheng Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Hebei Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

among the six subsidized projects in Hebei, the largest is the Yongqing project of ENN group, with an installed capacity of 20 MW

the catalogue data shows that the total installed capacity of six projects in Hebei is about 59 MW. It is estimated that the government subsidy funds expected to be obtained for these six projects are 323million yuan

the three ministries and commissions emphasized in relevant documents that the completion acceptance of photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects must be completed before December 31, 2012. At the same time, all provincial energy departments should report the construction and operation of the golden sun demonstration project in the region to the three ministries and commissions at the end of July and January each year

- it is still a weak province in the application of photovoltaic power generation

Hebei Province is a major solar photovoltaic manufacturing province in China, with Yingli group, Jinglong group (holding Jingao solar energy), ENN group and other industry leading enterprises. The revenue of photovoltaic owners' business ranks third in China after Jiangsu and Jiangxi can Send a signal

however, the 2012 golden sun project directory also shows that Hebei's domestic ranking in photovoltaic power generation applications is not commensurate with the status of photovoltaic manufacturing

according to the project directory, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Guangdong have become major photovoltaic application provinces. The subsidized installed capacity of these five provinces, autonomous regions and cities are 108 MW, 273 MW, 140 MW, 112 MW and 131 MW respectively, which are more than twice the installed capacity of Hebei Province

Jiangxi Province, the second largest province of photovoltaic manufacturing, has a subsidized installed capacity of 96 MW. Zhonghua glass () Department

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