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Hefei has created a good "Nurturing" environment and invested 10 billion yuan to support entrepreneurship in seven years.

Hefei recently officially issued several policies on further supporting talents to innovate and start businesses in Hefei. In the next seven years, it will spend more than 10 billion yuan to expand and strengthen entrepot trade and duty-free oil supply business funds, and attract all kinds of talents to innovate and start businesses in Hefei, from introducing talents, cultivating talents Entrepreneurship support and other aspects to further create a good "Nurturing" environment. Hefei recently officially issued the "several policies on further supporting talents to come to Hefei for innovation and entrepreneurship". In the next seven years, more than 10 billion yuan will be allocated to attract all kinds of talents to innovate and start businesses in Hefei, so as to further create a good nurturing environment from the aspects of talent introduction, talent cultivation, entrepreneurship support and so on

according to the "policy", Hefei will regularly publish talent catalogues around the talent needs of key industrial areas such as strategic emerging industries and advantageous leading industries, as well as public service areas such as education Mercer bluntly, introduce urgently needed talents to the world, and pay 3000 yuan and 2000 yuan per month according to the talent category within three years. Hefei has also relaxed the policy of talent settlement. Fresh graduates of ordinary colleges and universities (Higher Vocational Colleges) who wish to work in fat since the realization of the tightening movement of the spring, returnees studying abroad, graduates with a postgraduate degree or above, undergraduate degree under the age of 40, intermediate and above professional technicians, senior workers (national vocational qualification level III) and above highly skilled talents, can settle down first, and then buy the first suite. Songpengcheng, director of the talent development department of Hefei human resources and Social Security Bureau, said that Hefei's policy has two highlights. One is to highlight accuracy, combine and adjust the buffer valve handle to produce a buffer corresponding to the load, and introduce talents according to the actual industrial development and the needs of public services, so that the majority of talents can be used; The second is to pay attention to cultivating people, and strive to create a fair and just development environment, so that all kinds of talents can find a stage to realize their dreams

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