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District quarantine department: there are new regulations on the packaging containers and materials of imported and exported food

on July 31, it was learned from Guangxi inspection and quarantine bureau that since August 1 this year, food import and export enterprises will not be allowed to sell and export the packaging that does not meet the safety and health requirements and uses toxic and harmful materials to process and produce direct contact with food. The implementation of the new regulations will have a direct impact on the import and export trade of more than 200 import and export food enterprises and more than 10 export food packaging production enterprises in Guangxi

but the challenges we face are no longer the same as before. It is understood that this regulation was made by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China in April this year. It is stipulated that the supervision scope of food packaging inspection for import and export includes: the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials that have been or are expected to be in direct contact with imported and exported food and are processed according to certain technical methods to protect the safety and health of imported and exported food, facilitate transportation and promote sales. Materials and auxiliary materials include paper, bamboo, wood, metal, enamel, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fibers, chemical fibers, glass products and coatings in contact with imported and exported food. The surface gloss decreases with the increase of the amount of fillers. The raw and auxiliary materials used for processing export packaging for the first time, including printing oil and additives, shall be tested and qualified, and shall be filed with the affiliated inspection and quarantine authority. The enterprise code system shall be implemented for the export food packaging production enterprise, and the enterprise code shall be marked on the packaging container according to the standard requirements. Food packages that have not been inspected and quarantined by the inspection and quarantine institution or have failed the inspection and quarantine shall not be used for packaging and containing exported food

according to the introduction, the inspection and quarantine department began to inspect the food packaging and packaging materials directly imported and exported as commodities as well as the food packaging containing imported food according to the relevant documents from August 1, 2006, taking into account the environment and possible synergistic effects. If unqualified conditions are found, they should be dealt with in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. The export food packaging and packaging materials used to contain food during the transition period (August 1 to December 31, 2006) shall be handled in accordance with the requirements of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. The export food packaging and food packaging materials stored by the export food production enterprises before August 1, 2006 shall be immediately checked and counted, and the total amount shall be written off in batches according to the needs of the enterprises during the transition period. When applying for inspection of exported food, the enterprise shall provide the "inspection result sheet of transportation and packaging performance of exported goods", which is used by the food inspection department to verify the packaging and packaging materials of exported food, and ensure the normal use of the experimental machine for use appraisal. The newly produced food packaging and packaging materials after inventory statistics shall be inspected according to the regulations, and can be used only after passing the inspection. From January 1st, 2007, all food packaging and packaging materials used for the export of food must pass the inspection before they can be used

source: Guangxi

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