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Release strong development signals Hefei photovoltaic industry has entered a golden period of development

in May this year, the export of photovoltaic products of Jingao solar, a well-known photovoltaic enterprise in Hefei, increased 122.6 times in a single month. With the strong recovery of enterprises and the frequent attempts to promote photovoltaic applications in Hefei, Hefei's photovoltaic industry is entering a golden period of development. In May this year, Jingao solar, a well-known photovoltaic enterprise in Hefei, exported 180million yuan of photovoltaic products per month, an increase of 122.6 times. On the production side, enterprises have made a strong recovery and released strong development signals; At the other end, the city has made a lot of attempts to promote photovoltaic applications, with remarkable results. Hefei photovoltaic industry, walking on two legs, is entering a golden period of development

photovoltaic giants rush to Hefei

affect the use of materials. Hairun photovoltaic, Jingao solar, sungrow power and Tongwei solar have listed Hefei photovoltaic enterprises, all of which are famous enterprises in the industry. Recently, another photovoltaic tycoon joined Hefei recently, making Hefei's photovoltaic industry more powerful

On June 11, the municipal government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongli technology group

Zhongli technology group was founded in 1998 and has now developed into an industry leader with wire and cable, optical cable and solar photovoltaic industries as the main body. In this strategic cooperation, Zhongli Technology Group plans to invest 1billion yuan in the first phase to develop and construct 100 MW photovoltaic power stations, strive to complete and generate power by the end of 2014, and complete 1GW photovoltaic power stations and related supporting facilities by 2018

it is understood that Zhongli Technology Group plans to invest no less than 10billion yuan in our city in five years, focusing on the development of new energy manufacturing and application, the production of photovoltaic cell modules, optical fiber cables and other products, and the formation of a new industrial chain

the construction of demonstration zones has been rapidly promoted

last year, the National Energy Administration announced the list of the first batch of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration zones, a total of 18 demonstration zones were selected, and our city's high-tech zones were listed. According to the plan, the high tech Zone will build a 100MW photovoltaic power station project

this is both an honor and a driving force. Hefei has accelerated the pace of photovoltaic promotion and application. On February 23 this year, Hefei Rongshida Sanyo roof photovoltaic power station phase I project built by sungrow Power Co., Ltd. was officially put into power generation, which is the first distributed photovoltaic power generation project in China. Then, open the oil return valve, and its production sounded the horn of the construction of the demonstration area in our city. At present, the project has generated 920000 kwh of power. At the same time, GuoXuan high tech, Huitong, jieshijie and baolongda are stepping up construction, with a scale of 15MW under construction, and are expected to generate power at the end of the month. Major progress has been made in the negotiation of roof resource utilization agreements for companies such as continental Mapai, Hesheng new materials, Midea refrigerator, Donghai plastic, etc., with an installed capacity of about 40mW. Construction will start in June, and it is expected to be fully combined with power generation in September

new ideas of photovoltaic application in rural areas frequently

photovoltaic poverty alleviation to the countryside, Hefei is the first to take a new path of photovoltaic application in the country. Last year, 100 households took the lead in experiencing household photovoltaic power stations, and another 200 households will also build household photovoltaic power stations this year. In late May, the bid winner of the photovoltaic power station project for 200 poor families has been determined through public bidding. The construction is about to start, and all of them will be combined for power generation by the end of October

in addition to photovoltaic power stations, our city will also pilot a village wide promotion rural photovoltaic community demonstration project in Xinmin village, Guanting Town, Feixi this year. The project will make full use of the roof resources of the new central village and synchronously plan and construct a roof photovoltaic power station with a total installed capacity of 400KW. After the completion of the project, the annual average power generation will reach 400000 kwh. At present, the project has completed the preliminary survey and planning and design of the power station construction, and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year

agricultural facilities such as agricultural greenhouses are also treasures of photovoltaic applications. At present, Feidong Fengbao agricultural 10MW photovoltaic power station project phase I 11 Protection mode: with perfect limit protection, overload protection and safety protection functions such as re mixing into urban domestic waste and emergency stop, the planning and design of 5MW project has been completed, and the construction will start in August

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