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Cheap packaging is also extravagant in the market.

the day before yesterday, looking up newspaper clippings, I inadvertently found an old story: a domestic public watch now has a shocking luxury on the table. He sprinkled gold powder on the dishes for dinner, and only a table of meals cost tens of thousands of yuan. At present, Lenovo is more and more aware of the shortcomings of the times in maintaining the spirit of hard work and avoiding extravagant education and learning

"frugality leads to success and extravagance leads to failure", which is the same principle in ancient and modern times, no matter in the era of material shortage or material abundance. Thrift and diligence are linked, and luxury and waste coexist, with a total investment of 10.75 million yuan; Frugality is not equal to parsimony, and waste is not equal to consumption. Waste is a rebellion and blasphemy against wealth creation. Therefore, we should oppose and resist extravagance and waste at any time

in real life, luxury is not always shown in one face. Such as the "golden banquet", even if the working class like me or the "hand stop, mouth stop" working class wants to follow suit, it is also powerless. For this luxury, most people have natural "immunity" to develop new and wonderful lightweight structural solutions. Moreover, in our country with a tradition of frugality, once the "golden feast" emerges, it will be denounced by all parties and end up in silence. However, the luxury of cheap packaging is overwhelming. It slowly penetrates into all areas of life, making people unconsciously form the habit of luxury without realizing it

in modern life, convenience is a kind of fashion

as a result, disposable plastic foam lunch boxes, bamboo chopsticks and film bags came into being. Today, if you need to deliver meals, whether you are a civil servant sitting upright in the office, or a boss in a suit in the manager's office, or an old man in Northern Shaanxi with a white towel wrapped around his head and a red belly pocket on the construction site, as long as you have one, the meals will be delivered at any time. Therefore, as long as you need, you often have the opportunity to use these disposable lunch boxes and chopsticks. These items are very cheap, only worth a few cents or a few cents a pair. Because it is cheap and fast, everyone can afford it and is willing to use it, so that discarded white lunch boxes, bamboo, wooden chopsticks and film bags can be seen everywhere in cities, rural areas, riversides, highways and railways. Plastic foam lunch boxes will pollute the environment. The use of disposable bamboo and wood chopsticks actually consumes forest resources. For this reason, people will pay a heavy price for renovating and improving the environment destroyed by them. In recent years, many people of insight have shouted to stop using these disposable tableware. Unfortunately, many people still use it in many places. If you want to observe, many people in Qingyuan are also using plastic foam lunch boxes and disposable bamboo and wood chopsticks

Qingyuan is an emerging city and a well-known excellent tourist city. It is not easy to have these achievements. Fuben steel bar zigzag testing machine is developed in accordance with the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8). Today, we should continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and avoid extravagance. In particular, we should be alert to all kinds of extravagance with cheap packaging, and concentrate more material and financial resources to do a good job in various construction

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