Chemical raw materials soared, and paint enterpris

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Crazy! Chemical raw materials soared, and paint enterprises rose

crazy! Chemical raw materials soared, and paint enterprises rose

at the beginning of 2021, driven by the rise in crude oil prices and the cold weather in the United States, many kinds of chemical plants were shut down and shut down, resulting in the screening of every element in the chemical raw circuit in a short time; It needs sophisticated processing equipment to make every part of it; More importantly, a rigorous and responsible technician team is needed to operate the production equipment, assemble, debug, test and undergo repeated aging assessment. The supply and demand of the material market is unbalanced, and the domestic chemical market is on the rise

up to now, many domestic enterprises have sent letters to adjust prices, and the products of mainstream manufacturers Wanhua, Dow, BASF and so on have all increased. The prices of raw materials such as lotion, epoxy resin, polyester resin and titanium dioxide have soared one after another, with epoxy resin rising by more than 50%, polyester resin and curing agent rising by more than 40%, and titanium dioxide rising by more than 35%



the supply is in short supply, and raw materials continue to rise after the holiday

on February 24, Wanhua issued a price adjustment letter, saying that driven by the rise in crude oil prices, the European and American styrene units due to extreme cold weather and other force majeure, as well as the centralized maintenance of the units and other factors, the supply of most chemical raw materials such as styrene, MMA, Ba, EHA, HDI, BDO and so on has been significantly reduced, the prices have continued to soar, and the supply has remained tight

on February 23, Tongde resin issued a notice that from now on, the price of the company's full range of water-based and solvent-based products will be increased

on February 22, China Nonferrous Metals Group (Guangxi) Pinggui UFO Co., Ltd. sent a letter saying that according to the current and market conditions, from now on, the price of titanium dioxide will be increased by 1000 yuan per ton, and the export price will be increased by 150 dollars per ton

on February 20, CITIC Titanium Co., Ltd. issued a price increase letter. From now on, the product sales price will be increased by 500 yuan/ton on the original basis

on February 20, Panzhihua Hengtong titanium industry sent a letter that from now on, the sales price of rutile titanium dioxide r-369 will be increased by 1000 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price. This is the second time that Hengtong titanium industry has sent a letter to publicize the rise this year. The price of rutile titanium dioxide r-369 has been increased by 1500 yuan/ton

in addition, on February 23, 2021, Guangdong Shunde qirun Chemical Co., Ltd. announced an increase in the prices of products including leveling agent, brightener, matting agent, HAA curing agent, etc., and the transaction price is subject to the current single price



downstream coating enterprises have followed the rise.

the rise in raw material prices is fierce, resulting in rising production costs. Although the downstream coating enterprises have tried their best to mitigate the impact of the rising cost of such raw materials, their ability to absorb the rising cost is limited after all, and they have to be forced to adjust the price, and a new round of price rise has come. A few days ago, a number of coating enterprises have announced price adjustments

on February 21, Guangdong bards Chemical Co., Ltd. issued a price warning notice, saying that all kinds of chemical raw materials soared around the Spring Festival. According to the market forecast, the price of chemical raw materials will rise significantly in the later period

on February 23, Jiangsu Zhuangzhou paint issued an official price adjustment letter. The notice said that after research, the sales price of the product will be adjusted from February 24, 2021



where will the market go in the future

Haihong Laoren, the world's leading paint manufacturer, recently announced that the company will increase the sales price of products and solutions

compared with the beginning of 2020, the cost of key raw materials used in paint production is now much higher, and this trend continues. For example, according to the data of technon orbithem epoxy resin, from January 2020 to January 2021, chemists achieved this process by synthesizing polymers in the presence of solvents. The cost of epoxy in Europe increased by 60%, in North America by 40%, and in North Asia by 20%

since the second half of 2020, the price of epoxy resin has increased significantly, while the price of polyester resin has also increased. In particular, the latest data from the German paint and printing ink Association show that the use of epoxy resin (an important adhesive for many paints and coatings) has increased by as much as 60% in recent months

British paint manufacturers have also seen a sharp rise from imitation skills to digital skills, and some suppliers in the industry now rely on monthly price increases

for this, Michael Hansen, executive vice president and chief business officer of Haihong elderly, said: "Due to the increasing global demand for raw materials and logistics challenges, we have seen the prices of major raw materials continue to rise. This has had a serious impact on global supply and led to price increases.

in the past 12 months, we have made every effort to control and absorb growth. With the continuous rise in raw material prices, we can no longer fully absorb this impact. In addition to increasing the prices of products and solutions, we There is no choice. Our focus remains on providing value and services to customers around the world. "

in this price rise, many products with price increases seem to be in a relatively balanced state of supply and demand, but they are faced with insufficient capacity behind them, which is more vulnerable to price fluctuations caused by downstream demand

especially at present, demand has turned from recovery to strong, especially driven by the recovery of downstream terminals and a large number of exports, prices are bound to rise. In addition, due to the cold current in the United States, the temperature is far below the normal level for a long time, leading to a shortage of supply in the chemical industry

the roads are blocked, the factory cannot start work, and there is a shortage of raw materials. Many factories have been unable to accept orders or the delivery period has been extended to six months later. Rising prices and out of stock may become the main theme of 2021

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