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[XCMG's most beautiful striver] Chen Gang: strive to be the pacesetter of industrial workers in the new era

[XCMG's most beautiful striver] Chen Gang: strive to be the pacesetter of industrial workers in the new era

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on the journey of 76 years of ingenuity and 30 years of reform and innovation, years and months have witnessed the spirit of struggle that comes down in one continuous line. They were born ordinary and brilliant because of their struggle; They are plain and bright because of their persistence. They are the most beautiful fighters of XCMG

my name is Chen Gang, from XCMG shovel and transportation machinery business department, and I am a high-end equipment maintenance engineer

after graduating from technical secondary school in 2003, I entered XCMG and became an apprentice in equipment maintenance. I looked at all kinds of equipment with a blank face. The master beside me told me that as long as you study, think and practice more, you will be able to master them and become an excellent repairman. The master encouraged me to learn from the structural principle of the equipment. When I dismantle screws, measure lines, and adjust clearances, my hands are often scratched by tiny parts. In order to improve my skills, I carry a small notebook with me to record the problems and solutions encountered in my work in time and ponder them over and over again to find the best solution. "Plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold". In the 2008 Xuzhou skill competition, I won the first place as a maintenance electrician. After the competition, I reflected on my participation and fully realized that my theoretical foundation and professional level were still lacking. In order to make up for these shortcomings, I used my spare time and rest days to study the knowledge and skills related to PLC and electrical system in Jiangsu Normal University and China University of mining and technology, which laid a solid foundation for me to win the second prize of maintenance electrician in the national skills competition and the chief technician of enterprises in Jiangsu Province

the maintenance technology of sophisticated imported equipment has been blocked by developed countries in Europe and the United States. In order to break technical barriers. I learned "foreign language", checked data, chewed instructions, and calculated formulas to solve technical problems. So far, my team and I have successfully broken through three categories: cutting, welding, and machining, including IgM welding robots imported from Austria, three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machines imported from Japan, and processing centers imported from Italy The general tolerance in the table of pentahedral machining centers imported from Germany is used for the repair and maintenance technology of 11 kinds of high-precision and cutting-edge equipment, such as dimensional tolerance without tolerance indication

in the summer of 2016, a high-end laser cutting machine imported from Japan suddenly stopped. After troubleshooting, it was a sensor fault. After contacting the supplier, it was told that it could only be replaced and not repaired. The price of accessories was 30000 yuan, the labor cost was 10000 yuan, and the shipping cycle took one month. Facing the urgent production task, I took my team to eat and live in the workshop for two days and two nights in a row, studied the sensor structure, read a large number of technical data, and finally eliminated the fault after more than 20 repeated tests. Now, three years later, the equipment is still running well. We spent less than 30 yuan on the 40000 yuan "sky high" maintenance fee demanded by the supplier

in order to do a good job in the maintenance of high-end and sophisticated equipment, in recent years, I have self-made more than 20 kinds of special tools, such as "self-made disassembly tools for laser sensors, self-made disassembly tools for laser cutting heads, and self-made special tools for special-shaped fastening bolts". These earth tools have played a good role in maintaining foreign equipment, and have also won the "eight small activities" innovation award of XCMG group

take the special tool for dismantling special-shaped fastening screws for example. Last year, the welding robot imported by the business division from Austria failed. The preliminary investigation was that the circuit board was abnormal and needed to be tested. However, it was found that many fixing bolts on this kind of circuit board were abnormal structures, and the tools in hand could not be opened. After consulting relevant information on, we learned that this design structure is for technical confidentiality to prevent third parties from disassembling and repairing by themselves, especially countersunk parts, which cannot be opened for maintenance without professional tools. After repeated mapping and testing, we finally designed a special opening tool for the circuit board of the welding robot by using the cutting and refitting of the existing tools, and successfully completed the inspection and maintenance of the circuit board, accounting for more than 40% of the market share of medical devices

XCMG trained me and gave me such a high honor. While feeling proud, I also have a higher goal. I will try my best to inherit the craftsman spirit, practice the product concept of "technology 8. When the time for experimental products arrives, take the lead in taking products, use them indestructibly, and make handicrafts", break through technical difficulties, climb the peak of skills, and make greater contributions to promoting XCMG to achieve high-quality development

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