A brief introduction to the one week market of the

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A brief introduction to the one week market of China Plastics' spot PVC (3..6)

this week, China Plastics' warehouse receipt market fell all the way, and the later trend is not optimistic. As of the end of this week, China's plastic price index was at 782.40 points, down 18.76 points from the same period last week. The China Plastics spot index closed at 887.96 points, down 5.37 points from the same period last week

I. upstream information:

such as aerospace, automation, infrastructure and transportation

stocks in some regions in Europe, America and Asia fell on Monday, reflecting the obvious global economic downturn. European and American crude oil futures reversed last week's gains and closed down 10%. The high opening of U.S. stocks on Tuesday triggered a rebound after the oil market fell, and European and American crude oil futures closed with a rebound following the rise of U.S. stocks. International oil prices continued to rise on Wednesday morning as China announced plans to stimulate the economy with packaging materials for food and surgical sutures for medical treatment. After the U.S. Department of energy released inventory data, the decline of crude oil inventories stimulated the further rise of international oil prices. On Thursday, European and American crude oil futures took profit, and American crude oil futures fell below $43 in the intraday trading, closing down 4%

as of the week ended March 5, the average closing price of New York light oil futures for the first month was $43.11 per barrel, up $2.098 from last week. London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil futures for the first month closed at an average price of $44.404 per barrel, up $1.168 from last week

II. Market conditions:

international market: the PVC market in Asia was light this week, and the spot trading price was stable at USD/ton CFR China and Southeast Asia. In March, the source of goods was traded at US $680/ton CFR China, but there were anti-dumping duties. At present, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market, and the quotation in April has not yet been issued. The start-up of PVC in the United States remains in the early stage, and there is little possibility of improvement in the later stage. The overall demand situation is still not optimistic. Affected by the global economic crisis, European manufacturers said that transactions decreased significantly, and there was no sign of improvement in March. The construction industry was in a downturn. Although the contract price is expected to rise, and there are also reports that the contract price of traditional Chinese medicine in some parts of northwest Europe was slightly higher in March, the PVC market is still in the buyer's market, and the rumors of price rise have made the spot market transactions weaker

domestic market: there are fewer downstream orders and they are no longer sensitive to prices. Last weekend, they rose slightly. After the transaction was slightly better, the price of 6000 yuan/ton immediately blocked the pace of rise, and the mentality of market participants was hit again. After most domestic ethylene process manufacturers reduced their ex factory prices, the market was once again dragged into a weak and gloomy situation. Since this week, judging from the operation of PVC manufacturers with low VOC products in the upstream and our newly developed products, calcium carbide manufacturers still have hype increases on Monday, which began to stabilize on Tuesday and temporarily strengthened on Wednesday. Ethylene manufacturers have lowered their prices at the beginning of the week and maintained their original prices. Local manufacturers have strong resistance to the reduction, but the inventory pressure is common, so they are encouraged to adhere to it at present. As the upstream remains strong, after the price is slightly lower this week, although most ethylene methods are reduced, the price after the reduction is still not low for the market price. The supply of goods in the hands of the market merchants has lost money, and there is no sharp bidding phenomenon for the time being, but in the face of such a weak market, the merchants' shipping loss and shipping intention are still large

III. future trend forecast:

due to the low load of downstream product enterprises and insufficient market demand, transactions continued to be depressed. Since Wednesday, some areas have shown signs of decline. The decline continued to spread on Thursday and Friday, and the market quotations in North China, East China and South China all fell to an unreasonable extent. On the one hand, it is difficult to provide support to the market due to the continued sluggish downstream demand; On the other hand, at present, the contradiction of oversupply in the market is prominent, and it still takes time for sufficient market supply to digest. Therefore, the market quotation is expected to continue to decline next week

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