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Development and application of SiO x coating packaging materials (Part 2)

2.3 evaporation technology

2.3.1 evaporation source

(1) resistance evaporation source: heating the evaporation raw materials through the heating principle of resistance (filament and evaporator). The maximum heating temperature can reach 1700 ℃ [4]

(2) electron beam evaporation source: evaporate the material by accelerating the collision of electrons. The evaporation source is equipped with an electron gun, which accelerates and gathers the electron beam with a magnetic field or electric field, so that the electron beam is concentrated on the local position of the evaporated material to form a heating beam spot. The beam spot temperature can reach 3000 ~ 600 ". Liu Shiyan believes that 0 ℃ and the maximum energy density can reach 20kw/cm2

2.3.2 evaporation technology

(1) chemical vapor deposition (CVD, chemical VAP product quality improvement or deposition)

chemical vapor deposition method supplies one or several compound elementary gases constituting the coating elements to the substrate, and generates the required film with the help of gas phase action or chemical reaction on the substrate surface

(2) physical vapor deposition (PVD)

use resistance or electron gun to heat the evaporation raw materials and directly deposit them on the substrate surface

(3) plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)

in the process of evaporation, plasma gas is used to activate evaporated particles and introduced reaction gas molecules, so that a coating with ideal structure and composition, firm adhesion, uniform and excellent performance can be generated on the substrate surface

at present, Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. in Japan, flex Product Co., Ltd. in the United States, vanleer Co., Ltd. in Germany and Galilee Co., Ltd. in Italy use resistance wire heating, while tailpool Industrial Co., Ltd. in Japan, aluswiss Co., Ltd. in Switzerland, BOC Co., Ltd. in the United States, LEYBOLD Co., Ltd. in Germany and cetev Co., Ltd. in Italy use electron gun heating and evaporation. The production speed can reach 150 ~ 600m/min

3 application and development trend of SiO x coated packaging materials

sio x coated packaging materials are widely used in various commodity packaging due to their excellent barrier performance and microwave processing adaptability, especially for aromatic commodity packaging such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. At present, it is mainly used in the packaging field abroad: in Japan, it is used to package food, condiments, alcohol, beverages, fruit juice, detergent, as hose, cover film (such as fast food, microwave food container), cooking bag, etc. It is widely used in biscuits, chocolate, dehydrated soup and tensile testing machine in Europe. Generally, it can be divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine. The packaging of drugs and meat products. Buss brand fast food with soup and cooked food that can be boiled and heated by microwave in the German market is packaged with PET/SiOx/Pet cover; A Swiss company used coated materials to make vertical bags to pack pasteurized frozen meat products; In addition, in the European market, there are a large number of Tetra Pak packaging boxes made of pe/siox-pet/paper/pe, which are used for the packaging of fruit juice, beverages, milk, etc., and achieve the same fresh-keeping and fragrance preserving effect as glass bottles. Tetra Pak packaging boxes mainly made of PE/SiO x/pe/paper/pe in the United States are used for the packaging of fruit juice, beverages, milk, etc., and obtain the same fresh-keeping and fragrance preserving effect as glass bottles. In the United States, pesiox/pe/paper/pe is mainly used to pack lemon juice, mixed juice and other beverages in ridge shaped packaging boxes, and is used as cover material for fast food boxes and packaging drugs

sio x coated packaging materials have a wide range of applications. With the further improvement of people's requirements for commodity packaging quality, new products (such as the application of microwave food and microwave sterilization technology) are continuously developed and packaging functions are continuously strengthened. This kind of packaging materials not only has high barrier performance, high temperature resistance, transparency, good microwave transmission performance, but also has the fresh-keeping and fragrance preserving effect similar to glass containers, It will have a unique advantage in the competition with traditional high barrier composite materials, multi-layer coextrusion materials, aluminum-plastic composite materials and vacuum coating materials, and gain a large market share. At present, there is a gap in the production, development and application of SiO x coating packaging materials in China. It can be predicted that the development and promotion of this new industrial technology will play a great role in promoting the development of China's packaging material industry and product upgrading, especially in meeting the requirements of the gradually developing microwave food packaging and microwave sterilization technology for commodities

source: Tianjin Institute of light industry author: wangjianqing

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