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Cohen news: Recently, the 2015 annual meeting of Zhejiang gas appliances and kitchen appliances and kitchen appliances industry association was held in Zhejiang Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. At this annual meeting, Zhejiang Cohen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and 13 governing units such as Hangzhou boss Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. jointly grasped the pulse of the industry and transmitted industry forward-looking information. At the same time, at this annual meeting, Zhejiang Cohen's new smart smoke machine won the product innovation and Invention Award in the gas appliances and kitchen appliances and kitchen appliances industry of Zhejiang Province, and the "love" smoke machine with SMS prompt function was unanimously commended by the participating units

a simple and generous smoke machine can be freely matched with any style of kitchen, making the kitchen space reasonable and highlighting the owner's elegant taste. Cohen electrical design team is the leading industrial design team in the kitchen electrical industry. Every cigarette machine they launched after repeated deliberation through inspiration collision is full of artistic design sense. The launch of the range hood with SMS prompt function is a masterpiece after the "product inheritance and development". This is a new kitchen product specially customized by Cohen designers for the elderly who are lonely and left behind for two years. The smart smoke hood can be implanted with the mobile phone number of their relatives, which is bundled with their mobile phone SMS function. As long as the elderly at home cook daily, they can send "SMS" to the designated person's mobile phone in time, In this way, the family can know the cooking time or safety status of the elderly every day. Therefore, this is a very humanized and loving cigarette machine

the implementation standards of all products of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance are higher than the national standards. Cohen "only makes first-class energy efficiency products", so whether it is the range hood that won the product invention and innovation award this time or the high-end eight series stove just launched before, it meets the national first-class energy efficiency standards and meets the high-end needs of modern kitchens

under the new situation, the economy of the kitchen electric industry is facing opportunities and challenges at any stage of development. Zhejiang Cohen electric always adheres to the concept of combining increasingly innovative exquisite technology with Chinese traditional cooking culture, and is committed to letting consumers enjoy the fun of cooking in high-quality kitchen life




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