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Whether a person sleeps well, in addition to its own reasons, it also has a lot to do with the surrounding environment. Go to a friend's house to play, twilight falls, pedestrians on the road to and from work, drive to and fro, and see the night outside

whether a person sleeps well or not, in addition to its own reasons, has a lot to do with the surrounding environment. Going to a friend's house to play, dusk falls, pedestrians on the road to and from work, driving to and fro, seeing the night outside so beautiful, I want to open the window for ventilation, but when I open the window, I regret, and the noise comes in, which mercilessly interrupts my elegance

in the community, whether it's the night vocal music of the children of the nearest neighbors or the noise of the corridor, will be introduced into our house, or perhaps the owner of the ground floor is close to the air floor. As soon as it's seven or eight o'clock at night, the square dance music in the community will ring, or the sound of the little dog will make it so noisy that he drags his tired body after work and thinks about you having a good rest

but with sound proof doors and windows, you can deal with these annoyances well. Whether you live in the square or the vegetable market, the noise is completely blocked! Choose sound proof doors and windows and look at the following points

1. Selection of raw materials: the raw materials of soundproof glass windows are divided into general glass, insulating glass, multilayer insulating glass and vacuum glass. Among these glasses, vacuum glass has the best sound insulation effect. Because vacuum glass separates two pieces of glass and extracts the air in the center, the vacuum layer is formed between the glasses, and the principle that sound cannot be transmitted in vacuum is used to sound insulation

2. Sealing selection: sealing refers to the sealing degree of windows, including the sealing of glass and frame. There are two kinds of sealing strips on the market now, one is wool sealing strip, the other is rubber sealing strip. The wool sealing strip and the rubber sealing strip have their own defects. The wool sealing strip is simple to depilate after long use, which greatly reduces the sealing effect; The rubber sealing strip simply hardens and ages after being exposed to the wind, sun and rain, which also reduces its sealing effect

3. Window frame selection: considering the sound insulation effect, both aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows are good. Aluminum alloy windows have simple devices and moderate prices, and are widely used. However, general aluminum alloy windows have larger sound when pulled and faster heat conduction. After long-term use, the sealing performance will gradually decline, affecting the later use. The new bridge broken aluminum alloy window can compensate for these defects

4. Quality selection of soundproof glass window: see the data: including aluminum profile, glass, hardware, whether the color is common, and whether the hardware is completely installed. Look at the processing: high quality aluminum alloy windows, with precise processing, tangent flow and common viewpoint (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), should not show significant gaps and switch smoothly in the splicing process. Look at the glass: check whether it is hollow glass and whether it is coated. The composite film is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high gloss

choose windows and doors with excellent sound insulation to create a comfortable environment for your home




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