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In the concept of many wallpaper consumers, the most important thing to use wallpaper is whether the quality of wallpaper is environmentally friendly and durable, and whether the design and color of products conform to their own aesthetics and taste. The paving link of wallpaper seems to be ignored by many wallpaper brands and consumers. Because wallpaper is a semi-finished product, the paving link of wallpaper directly affects the decorative effect and use quality of wallpaper, and the neglect of wallpaper installation greatly affects the healthy and orderly development of the industry. With the continuous development of wallpaper production technology, the design of patterns and colors is also more contemporary, the materials are more environmentally friendly, and the varieties are constantly innovating and increasing, which greatly meets the choice space of consumers, and also puts forward high requirements for the paving technology of wallpaper

the importance of wallpaper pavement is ignored

has been circulating in the wallpaper industry “ Half product, half installation ” It is enough to prove the importance of wallpaper paving in the whole consumer experience. However, many wallpaper brands are still dominated by product sales and do not follow up with relevant supporting installation services, which also creates the existence of construction teams with mixed qualities in the wallpaper industry. In the absence of professional construction personnel to detect the installation base of wallpaper, and there is no professional construction auxiliary materials and tools, there are often many problems that make consumers extremely dissatisfied after the completion of wallpaper paving. Because there is no integrated service system of sales and installation, after the consumption of wallpaper products has problems, wallpaper sellers and installers are very easy to cause unclear responsibilities, mutual buck passing, and no one can solve them, which not only affects the mood, but also damages the economic interests of consumers, but also causes chaos and disorder in the current home decoration market and the lack of effective supervision

experts remind consumers that not all walls can be directly covered with wallpaper. The wall surface where wallpaper is installed must be dry, clean, flat and smooth, and the internal and external corners must be straight. At the same time, it must also have a certain bearing capacity and moderate water absorption capacity. If the wall is directly paved without simple detection or treatment before construction, it may affect the decorative effect of the wallpaper and reduce the service life of the wallpaper. Besides closely related to the quality of the wall surface, professional installation tools also play a crucial role in the presentation of decorative effects and the assurance of the quality of use of wallpaper, which is the so-called “ If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools ”, Professional tools can not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also ensure the installation quality. The crude tools often used by guerrilla construction teams in the market are very easy to cause unnecessary damage and paper pollution to the wallpaper, so that the construction quality cannot be guaranteed

introduction of the most perfect construction service system in the industry

in order to ensure the paving quality of wallpaper, Ruibao wallpaper established the most perfect construction service system in the industry at the beginning of its establishment, with a construction team trained in professional construction services and supporting professional construction tools, and tested the wall surface on which the customer will install wallpaper in the logistics link before construction, At the same time, if the wall does not meet the construction standards, the customer will be informed of the correct solution& ldquo; Excessive pursuit of rapid paving and neglect of wall problems will not only fail to achieve the best decorative effect, but also easily lead to hollowing and delamination of the wall after the wallpaper is paved, and even cause the whole wallpaper to fall off& rdquo; Ruibao wallpaper construction service senior said. In addition to the professional treatment of the wall, Ruibao also uses the imported professional wallpaper gluing machine for gluing, which can greatly improve the gluing speed and ensure that the glue liquid is evenly distributed on the back of the wallpaper, the thickness is moderate, and there is no glue liquid pollution on the edge of the wallpaper, so as to avoid bulging, glue opening and other phenomena to the greatest extent. After drying, the wall is flat and firm, and the color is consistent

“ Over the years, in addition to strictly controlling the product quality of suppliers and manufacturers, we have also continuously accumulated experience in wallpaper paving, in order to make every consumer of Ruibao feel the high-end service quality of Ruibao. Therefore, we are also the only brand in the industry that has made an 8-year product warranty commitment. We are confident that as long as the wallpaper purchased in the Ruibao store and installed by the Ruibao construction team enjoys an after-sales guarantee of up to 8 years, we can comprehensively solve the worries of purchasing wallpaper for consumers& rdquo; Zhang Weigang, general manager of Ruibao, told reporters with confidence

over the past ten years, through the training of professional construction service teams, Ruibao's construction personnel have developed the ability to flexibly deal with various problems in the construction process. It is this unique service model that lays the foundation for the service quality of Ruibao, and also improves the recognition and favor of consumers for the comprehensive experience of Ruibao brand





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